8 Best Compact Circular Saws Under $100 [April 2018]

In this compact saw review and comparison, we take a look at 8 of the best compact circular saw on the market today as well as other notable runner-ups. A compact circular saw is a smaller more compact version of the typical 7 1/4-inch blade diameter circular saw.

Also known as a mini circular saw a compact saw has a blade that is typically 4 1/2-inches in diameters. The handle is usually elongated as opposed to what we normally see in a circular saw. Let begin our compact circular saw review with our Top Pick.

Our Top Pick For Best Compact Circular Saw- Rockwell RK3440K Versacut

The Rockwell RK3440K is our Top Pick for the best compact circular saw. We chose the Rockwell for its 4-amp motor which is both reliable and powerful. The Versacut has a laser guide that helps you stay right on your cut line and its outfitted with dust extraction.

The Versacut can cut a variety of materials such as tile, wood, sheet metal, plastics, flooring, and more. The Rockwell RR3440K is ergonomically designed and provides a very comfortable grip. It has a pivoting metal guard which allows you to easily plunge the blade into your material.

This compact circular saw weighs 3.4 lbs and comes with 3 blades. The Versacut is corded.

Makita SH02Z 12V Cordless 3-3/8″ Compact Circular Saw

Though it has a smaller blade (3 3/8-inch) than most other mini circular saws the Makita has a lot going for it that we like above the others.

The motor on the Makita SH02Z delivers 1,500 RPM for fast cutting of various materials. With the 3 3/8-inch blade you can get a cutting depth of 1-inch suitable for most cutting applications.

The ergonomically design handle is comfortable and this compact circular saw is light at only 3.5 pounds (without battery). It is designed with a built-in dust blower to keep your cut line clear. The blade wrench is attached to the saw for quick and effortless blade changing.

(This price is the for the tool only. Battery and charger NOT included)

PORTER-CABLE PCE381K 5.5 Amp 4-1/2″ Compact Circular

The Porter-Cable PCE381K is a powerful compact circular saw with a 5.5-Amp motor and a 4 1/2-inch blade. 3,500 RPM for fast cutting. You can get a decent 1 11/16-inch cut along with a bevel capacity of 0-45 degrees allowing you to make a variety of cuts.

It includes a dust port to keep your cut line in view.

The Porter-Cable mini circular saw weighs 6 pounds which is a bit heavier than other models but most don’t mind the weight.

The unit includes the compact saw, rip fence, vacuum adapter and kit bag. This is a corded circular saw.

Rockwell RK3441K 4-1/2” Compact Circular Saw

The Rockwell RK3441K is the slightly bigger sibling of the Rockwell K3440K.

The RK3441K has a 4 1/2-inch blade running at 3500 RPM powered by a 5-amp motor.

This Rockwell compact circular saw weighs 5 pounds and has a cutting depth of 1 11/16-inch.

It has a bevel capacity of 45 degrees.

The Rockwell is slim and a comfortable design that provides balance and control for easy to maneuver cuts.

This model is corded.

Genesis GCS545C 5.8 Amp Compact Circular Saw

The Genesis GCS545C is a powerful compact circular saw with a 5.8 amp motor that spins ar 3500 RPM.

Included with this mini circular saw is a Tungsten-Carbide tip blade.

This model has a built-in dust port that will keep your cut line clear of debris.

An adjustable bevel and a rip guide are also included in the package.

The Genesis GCS545C weighs 6 pounds and is corded.

WORX WORXSAW WX429L 4-1/2″ Compact Circular Saw

Like all the other in this review, the Worx Worxsaw 4 /2-inch compact circular saw weighs about 1/2 as much as the typical 7 1/12-inch circular saw. At about 5 lbs it is still light and comfortable.

The 4-amp motor has an RPM of 3500. It can cut a 2×4 in a single pass.

The cutting depth and bevel are both easily adjusted for the perfect cut.

The Worxsaw comes with a 4 1/2-inch 24-tooth blade for general cutting.

If you want to cut other types of materials such as tile than you will need to purchase an appropriate blade.  This unit is corded.

VonHaus Corded Ultra-Compact Circular Saw

This compact circular saw is by VonHaus a brand which I have only recently heard about. First off the blade on this mini-saw is smaller than your typical compact circular saw. The blade on the VonHaus is 3 1/2-inch in diameter.

It is powerful, however, running at 4,500 RPM with a 5.8 amp motor it can easily cut tile, wood, and some metals.

It comes with a laser-light cutting guide and has a plunge capacity fo 1 1/8-inch.

The handle is slim and comfortable for easy one-hand operation. Dust extraction is designed into this compact circular saw. The kit also includes three 3 1/2-inch blades.

This circular saw weighs about 6 pounds. It is a corded unit with an extra long power cable and dust extraction hose.

Tacklife Compact Circular Saw

This Tacklife Compact Circular Saw has quite a number of excellent features that make it a really good value. The mini saw runs at 3,500 RPM on a 5.8-amp motor.

It has an adjustable bevel and a cut depth of 1 11/16-inch.

It comes equipped with a laser guide to assist in keeping your cut straight and dust extraction keeps the cut line clear.

The slim grip and comfortable design allow for great handling. The unit weighs about 6 pounds, is corded and comes with 6 blades.

Compact Circular Saw Video

Check out this video of our Top Pick the Rockwell Versacut in action.

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