Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Stained Wood?

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Stained Wood?

There is no reason you can’t paint acrylic paint on any type of wood, even stained wood can be painted properly. With the proper instructions and guide, you can get an even and smooth finish as desired. 

Preparation is the key to get the best results out, for instance, you will need to make sure the surface you’re about to paint is clean from every inch and there are no wood grains and small holes. If so, apply a coat of primer for an excellent finish, and then coat it with a paint color.

Sanding is just fine if you think the surface needs it. It will just balance the top layer so the paint stays equally all over. 

If you do not have the sand grit and would like to continue working without sandpaper. A sponge will do the job of cleaning since it is not as rough and tough, but will still clean the surface to an extent, 

Is acrylic paint waterproof on stained wood?

Despite being somewhat water-resistant, it is not guaranteed to be waterproof mainly if the piece of artwork is kept outside throughout the day. For interior usage, it’s durable and certainly lasts longer. 

To protect acrylic paint from being faded out from the water and rough extreme weather effects such as sunlight. A coat of sealant or applying varnish can guard to some extent.

A short guide to acrylic on stained wood.

To make the steps easier for you, I’ve split them into sub-steps so you can easily follow each with care. 

In short-

A foam brush is useful for applying a thin, even coat of acrylic paint. Make sure the primer dries completely. Crumpled brown paper bags can be used to smooth out the surface: A 220-grit sandpaper can also be used to lightly sand the surface.

  1. Find a good place to paint

The best place to paint is where you can get sufficient fresh air. The main reason for this is that acrylic paints are wonderful. That can feel suffocated when inhaling them for a longer, with a ventilated area you can get yourself out of this risk.

  1. Clean the surface

Cleaning the surface is important if you want your paint color to look appealing. For this process, you can use sand grit paper, rub it over the surface and make sure you don’t go rough so the wood grain starts appearing. 

Alternatively, as stated earlier, you can use a sponge to clean the surface. Or if you feel your furniture doesn’t need to be deep cleaned, simply use a rag and rub it off.

  1. Priming

It’s always a sensible approach to prime before you paint. Do the same with stained wood also, because it pours the tiny holes and coats a new protective layer. The layer helps the paint to last longer, also it makes the paint color looks vibrant because if you directly acrylic paint. Most likely at the end (after drying), you will see the wood’s color as well as some little dots.

On a lighter note, I see many people confused about picking a color. Which actually does not matter at all because it will be painted with acrylic color.

  1. Starting painting

Let’s say you’ve set up things at this stage. So, now to begin painting. Mix your color in a bowl or palate. Use a brush with natural bristles that picks these paint colors effectively. The brush size depends upon the size of the project. I recommend a large-sized one around 3 inches wide.

Remember, during painting you should wash off the paint from the brush for a convenient experience. Keep a bowl of water nearby and time after time clean the brush.

General tips

It’s not the first coat that can bring up the desired results. Two or three coats are a very basic approach in order to get the desired finish. One is good but sometimes it does not give expected results. 

The most important step to take after applying a coat, let it dry completely. Don’t try to paint over a wet surface. It normally takes a few hours.

Can you paint a dresser with acrylic paint?

Yes! You can paint a dresser with acrylic paint.

Follow the above steps as the mentioned only thing to note here is that you should remove all the hardware and attachments. 

What do you use to seal acrylic paint?

Acrylic paint must be sealed, for example, with varnish, if you want it to be waterproof. Most professionals typically prefer spray sealers because of their ease of use.

And also it’s necessary for an acrylic paint coat to be protected from the elements by the sealer. Sealing acrylic paint with either an acrylic sealer or a varnish is my favorite method.

Can I use hairspray to seal acrylic paint?

Yes, probably you can.

In addition to being a sealant for acrylic paints, hair spray is also good for sealing oil-based or gel-based paints since they cannot be sealed by this method. Even though hair spray can be used to seal graphite and pastels.

Is it OK not to varnish acrylic painting?

It depends on the conditions. If the piece of furniture mostly keeps the exterior, then varnishing is recommended. Otherwise, the result will not last long, most likely after some time, the color will start fading out.

On the other hand, It’s okay to not varnish painted wood under the circumstances if the furniture is kept interior, outside from hazards of rough weather and moisture.

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