The Cheapest Wood to build with (Everything You Should Know)

What is the Cheapest Wood to build with

There are various types of woods used for woodworking tasks; some are cheap while others are lucrative and high-end. The cost of wood is majorly determined by its quality as well as its availability.

Most woodworkers go for quality, while others opt for the most available and budget-friendly type of wood. As a woodworker, you might be wondering which is the cheapest wood type to build with.

Pinewood is considered one of the cheapest wood that most woodworkers use in their various woodworking tasks. Despite being budget-friendly, it encompasses impressive features, including durability and robust features, making it popular in almost all woodworking shops.

This piece will enlighten you on the cheapest wood type you could use in your various woodworking tasks.

What is Pinewood?

Wood sourced from the pine tree is considered softwood. Pinewood is softer as compared to hardwood varieties.

This type of tree grows all over the globe, not just in the U.S. One of the impressive features behind its popularity is its high resistance to change and stiffness, thus making it perfect for making pieces of furniture. In addition, due to its softer nature, pinewood tends to be much easier to work with.

Furniture made of pine has been used for decades. Traditionally, pinewood was used for rustic, colonial, and craftsman-style pieces. However, pine is used in making more elegant and advanced pieces of furniture in changing times.

Pinewood is light in color, mainly with a creamy white outlook. However, the specific shape may tend to vary. For example, some pinewood varieties feature a white complexion, while others have a yellowish outlook.

The light outlook of pinewood makes them easy to stain and to achieve the color that you desire. Ideally, you may opt to use a clear coat to preserve its natural look.

Its darker knots and prominent grain gives it a distinct outlook sought by most woodworking experts and novices.

Is Pinewood Ideal for Furniture Making?

Despite being a cheap source of woodworking material, pinewood is an ideal choice for furniture making. Pinewood is shock-resistant, solid, and suitable for furniture, especially if you fancy country and rustic styles.

With time, pinewood gains a patina responsible for its antique-like quality; this gives it an elegant and appealing complexion that attracts most people. The dings and dents are likely to show up in pinewood as its age improves its overall outlook.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Pinewood

Budget-friendly furniture made of pine comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Your needs and taste, and preference entirely determine it. Below are some of the factors why you should consider going for pinewood and some of the factors against it.


Compared to other wood types, pinewood is considered one of the cheapest materials you could use to build pieces of furniture. Its fast growth rate is the reason this type of wood is sold at a lower price.

Pinewood requires a minimal amount of care when transporting them from being grown to the market; this means they are easily accessible. As a result, pinewood is the perfect wood for woodworkers operating on a low budget.


Due to its light complexion, furniture made of pine wood matches perfectly well with other home furnishings. In addition, it features a versatile outlook that effortlessly matches with various patterns, wall colors, and a vast array of details in your décor.

With pine, it’s much easier to change the color of pine stain according to your favorite color, thus offering you diverse finish options, including paint and stain. Ideally, you opt to maintain the natural color by coating it with clear lacquer.

Pinewood is ideal with a vast array of finish options as it does not limit you to specific colors.


Pinewood is very stiff, thus making it strong and durable when using pieces of furniture. Although it’s not as rigid as oak and other wood varieties, they tend to be much stable. So even if you buy it at an affordable price, you are assured of a longer-lasting service.


Despite being moderately sturdy and heavy, furniture made of pinewood tends to be much lighter than other tree species. Its lightweight feature helps in the easy and swift movement of the furniture from one location to another.

It also makes it easy to rearrange the design of your living room if you have furniture made of pine wood. If you like rearranging your living room more often, you should opt to go for pine trees.

Resistance to Shock

One of the impressive features of pine wood is that it’s resistant to shock. This helps reduce the level of damage that could be caused due to an immense impact on your pieces of furniture. In addition, this means that furniture made of pine wood does not break down easily.

Elegant Outlook

Pinewood has a unique complexion due to its light wood color and dark knots. If you fancy elegant-looking furniture, then you should go for pinewood as you will love its overall outlook.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Pine trees grow faster, and thus, they are cut down immediately after they are ready. The same piece of land is replaced with seedlings of the same tree. This helps to conserve the environment. Pine trees tend to grow perfectly well on farms or plantations with minimal impact on natural habitats compared to tree species.

Resistant to Swelling and Shrinking 

Many kinds of wood swell and shrink due to the variance in temperature and humidity; most woodworkers prefer pine as it is resistant to these elements. By minimizing swelling and shrinking, pinewood can maintain its original shape.

Drawbacks of Pine Wood

Some are some of the limitations of pine wood:

Minimal levels of style versatility

Pinewood tends to have a more rustic and country look; thus, it may not be ideal for those seeking a more modern outlook and style.

Amplifies Signs of Wear

Pinewood tends to scratch and dent easily; thus, the overall look of furniture may change over time.

Tricky to Maintain

Keeping the pinewood in shape and maintaining its original look may be challenging as it requires high maintenance levels.

Bottom Line

Despite pine, it is one of the cheapest types of wood used by woodworkers. Its feature robust and impressive features as indicated above. If you are working on a tight budget, this is the type of wood.


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