What’s the Contrast between Straight and Angled Power Nail Guns?

What’s the Contrast between Straight and Angled Power Nail Guns?

Unlike hammering nails in using your hand, there are a vast array of benefits of using a power nail gun. Nailers are more accurate, safer, and easy to use as the chances of injuring yourself in the process are much minimal.

The main challenge is usually deciding on whether to go for a straight or angled power nail gun.

The two main types of power nail guns include the angled finish nail gun and the straight nail gun. If you are having a hard time deciding on which one to go for, worry no more. This article will enlighten you on the same.

Continue reading for more insights on two main types of power nail guns.

Angled Finish Nail Guns

Angled finish power nail guns feature an angled magazine, and that’s the reason behind its name. The magazine is attached to the base of this powerful tool and then angled back towards the direction of your arm and as it positions up the nail gun.

This gives its distinctive appearance compared to its straight nail gun counterpart.

While using the finish nail gun, the 15 gauge nail guns are typically angled, while the 16 gauge finish nail guns feature straight magazines. It’s important to note that the nails used in these two models are different, and thus they cannot be used interchangeably.

You will be required to have collated nails; at the same time, their angle should correspond to your power nail gun magazine.

Angled finish nail guns come in two models, mainly the DA and the FN. You must understand the difference between the two nails for optimal use. The main contrast between the two models is mainly the angle of collation.

DA nails normally round-headed feature a 34-degree magazine angle, while FN nails are rectangular-headed feature a 25-degree magazine angle.

Advantages of Angled Finish Nail Guns

  • They feature more extended magazines

The angled design of angled finish nailers makes the magazine longer; this enables it to accommodate a bigger number of nails per strip compared to the straight magazine with the exact dimensions of diameter nails.

  • Light Weight

Angled finish nailers tend to be somewhat smaller and with shorter handles. They are built with less material as compared to the straight nailer’s counterparts. Thus, they are much lighter and much convenient to use depending on the magazine’s capacity and size.

  • Ideal on Tight Spaces

The angled nailers have many impressive features starting with their convenient shape. Its magazine is angled back. Thus you can drive nails into tighter positions and corners without necessarily having the handle of this power tool getting in contact with the surface.

If you are working in tight spaces, then it will be ideal that you go for an angled finish power gun as it’s more superior. To hold thicker pieces of wood firmly, it will be suitable to use a slightly bigger size of nails.

Disadvantages of Angled Finish Nail Guns

  • Not ideal to use with thinner nails

If you work with thinner pieces of nails, it may be challenging to work with an angled finish nail gun. It may also be not ideal if you seek a clean finish as its nails have bigger heads; thus, they will be noticeable.

  • Costly

Compared to their straight nail counterparts, angled finish nail guns tend to be more costly due to their robust features and specifications.

Straight Finish Nail Guns

Straight finish nailers feature straight magazine and use the 16-gauge nails. Its magazine is attached to the front side of the nailer. This makes it’s much efficient and easy to use. However, it can accommodate extra space.

Advantages of Straight Finish Nail Guns

  • Smaller Size

It has a smaller size, thus making it much easier to work with. Additionally, they are perfect when you are working with thinner nails, thus ideal for lighter woodworking projects.

  • Less Expensive

This type of nail gun is much affordable thus will help you save on cost compared to the angled ones.

Disadvantages of Straight Finish Nail Guns

  • Not Ideal on Tight Spaces

The position of its magazines makes it challenging to use it in tight spaces as it’s often attached to its front side. It may not be able to access some of the surfaces and corners in place that you are working on.

It is most ideal for use with thinner nails; thus, it may be tricky to use this type of nail gun on heavier work. If you are working on demanding projects that require bigger nails for effective joining, it may be tricky to work with a straight finish gun.

Angled Vs. Straight Finish Nail Guns

The major difference between these two power tools is mainly on the angle of their magazines and their capability to access tight spaces.

Angled finish nail guns have their magazine attached to their body in two varying angles, mainly the 25 degrees in the FN model and 34 degrees on the DA model.

Apart from the GA angled nail guns, most of the angled nailers are 15 gauge. On the other hand, the straight finish nails guns have a straight magazine and are perfect for working with smaller nails.

Collated angled nails tend to be more costly as compared to straight nails, which are budget-friendly, and you can access them at a reasonable price.


Straight and angled power nail guns are much helpful in a vast array of woodworking projects as they aid in easy and efficient driving on nails on pieces of wood.

However, the decision on which one to go for will be entirely dependent on the nature of your work, your preferred size as well as your budget.

If you are working on tight spaces and bigger nails, you should opt for angled finish nail guns. However, it would be best if you were willing to pay more. On the other hand, if you seek a budget-friendly, effective smaller-size power nail gun, you should go for a straight finish nail gun.


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