Does Maple Make Good Furniture? Why is it popular?

Does Maple Make Good Furniture

There are various types of woods used for various woodworking functionalities. Maple is one of the popular types of wood used by renowned woodworkers globally due to its sturdy and durable features. The question that most people ask is whether maple is ideal for woodworking.

Maple is the ideal wood for making high-end furniture due to its robust features.

It also famous due to its elegant outlook. As a result, maple is used for various home furnishings, from cupboards to frames, chairs, tables: luxurious dining room, and many more.

This piece will enlighten you more on maple wood and whether it is ideal for making furniture.

Maple Wood Varieties

When deciding on the variety of maple wood to use for your customized piece of furniture, there are two main types: soft maple and hard maple.

These two types are obtained from different species. However, they are categorized as hardwood and thus ideal for making durable pieces of furniture.

Most people often mistake soft maple wood for softwood which is not correct. It’s considered mild as compared to hard maple wood. All varieties of maple wood are hardwood.

This is the reason behind their durable and rigid nature. Soft maple wood tends to have an elegant and beautiful accent as compared to hard maple wood.

Although most varieties are considered expensive and ideal for making high-end furniture, they are less complicated and intense than hardwood. Thus they are readily available and budget-friendly.

Some of the maple varieties categorized as soft maple include bigleaf maple, box elder, striped maple, and red maple silver maple.

Maple wood varieties tend to be different depending on the continent or the location where they are grown. For instance, you are more likely to buy furniture made of red maple or silver maple if you are a resident of the Eastern side of the United States.

On the other hand, those on the Western side, the bigleaf maple tend to have a ragged outlook. However, regardless of the color, all the maple wood species have robust and durable features.

Why Soft Maple Wood is Ideal for Making of Furniture

Soft maple wood is one of the most sought types of wood by carpenters for furniture making due to the vast array of benefits it brings to both the artisans the final clients of the end products.

Below are some of the impressive aspect of soft maple wood that makes it perfect for creating elegant and durable pieces of furniture.

High Levels of Sustainability 

Soft maple wood is sourced from a wide array of maple trees. This increases its level of sustainability as it can be easily accessed when needed by carpenters when they need it.

Additionally, soft maple wood can be accessed in large quantities when needed as it can be sourced from various maple tree species.

Hard maple wood tends to be scarce and hard to access; thus, they tend to be more expensive than soft maple wood. In addition, hard maple wood grows at a slower rate as compared to soft maple wood, whose growth rate is twice as fast.

Soft maple wood can be harvested twice before hard maple wood is harvested; that’s why it’s most sought by manufacturers who use maple as their primary source of wood.

The high levels of soft maple wood sustainability mean that clients get customized furniture with an elegant and consistent appearance compared to chairs and tables made from varying types of maple wood and other wood species.

Soft Maple wood is Budget Friendly.

Despite being durable and robust, soft maple wood is budget-friendly; thus, it can be afforded by most clients who fancy customized pieces of furniture.

However, it would be best if you didn’t mistake the less costly price of soft maple wood for a poor choice of furniture; they make one of the best pieces of furniture compared to other types of wood.

Despite being one of the best and durable types of wood in the market for furniture making, most woodworking experts tend to believe that it does not get the level of recognition that it deserves.

Its quality is quite impressive, but most clients tend to ignore it as they don’t have much insight into its quality. For this reason, the cost of soft maple wood is much less as compared to other wood varieties.

Impressive Levels of Versatility

Soft maple wood is very versatile, which is why most woodworking experts widely use it globally to make top-quality furniture. It can be efficiently and quickly cut and shaped following the customers’ specifications and custom designs.

When soft maple wood is kiln-dried, it becomes much resilient against adverse factors such as warping, molding, and cracking, irrespective of the kind of humidity that it’s exposed to.

In addition, soft maple wood works perfectly well with various stains; thus, it’s much easier to use it depending on the current furnishings of your home.

Compared to hard maple wood, most people prefer soft maple wood for making their customized furniture. However, hard maple wood is not ideal as it does not work perfectly with stains. Additionally, hard maple wood is not versatile for the design and making of customized pieces.

Soft maple wood is a perfect material to go for when buying customized pieces of furniture for your office or office.

The qualities of softwood maple have many similarities compared to the ones of hard maple, although they tend to be much less dense. This feature makes them softer and much easier for designing furniture and for woodworkers to work with.

Most woodworkers tend to go for soft maple wood as it provides beautiful and elegant pieces of furniture that take less time to build and much affordable for the clients.

Bottom Line

When it comes to selecting a long-lasting yet elegant and sustainable wooden piece of material to make your customized pieces of furniture, be sure to opt for soft maple wood as it won disappoint you.


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