How to Patch-up a Broken Wooden Bowl

How to Patch-up a Broken Wooden Bowl

It can be frustrating when your wooden bowl cracks. Not only will it compromise with its elegant appearance, but it will also adversely affect its value. To avert and repair cracks on your wooden bowl, it’s essential to fully understand the root cause behind it.

Although it may be challenging to repair a broken bowl, the good news is that you can do it with the proper guidance and skills.

This piece will enlighten you on how to prevent and repair cracks on your wooden bowls.

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What Causes Wooden Bowls to Crack

Uneven changes are the main reason why wooden bowls tend to crack. When there are rapid changes in temperature, internal moisture content, and humidity, there is a higher possibility that changes in internal structure will occur in the wood’s grain, fibers, and cells, thus causing the cracks.

As a woodworker is imperative that you pay much attention to the conditions that could lead to your precious wooden bowl cracking. You should ensure that you place them in a cool and dry place, far from where they could be exposed to the adverse conditions making them crack.

How to Prevent Wooden Bowl from Cracking

Preventing your wooden bowl from cracking will help you avoid unnecessary costs and time that you will have to incur while repairing it. In some situations, it may be much tricky to repair them. You should ensure that you prevent your wooden bowl from abrupt uneven or excessive wood movement.

Some of the factors that could lead to wood movement include changes in moisture content, temperature, and internal stress.

Below are some of the hacks that will help reduce the chances of your wooden bowl cracking.

Length Matters

The length of the fresh wooden log used for making the bowl makes a difference. Your wooden bowl would still end up cracking even if you put into consideration the above factors on how to prevent cracks, especially when the cutting logs are shorter than needed.

It’s essential to add some length to the diameter of the wooden log that you are using. For instance, if the diameter of your log is 10 inches, then you should consider cutting it at a length of 16 inches. The additional length leaves roughly three inches of wood that can check and crack on both ends.

You should then trim and check it to ensure that there is no room for cracks.

Pay Attention to the Pith

When there is a pith on your wooden bowl, there are high chances that it could end up cracking. However, you can also leave a pitch on the walls of your bowl, and it will still not crack.

The specific wood species used for making the bowl, how it is created and later dried will, in a significant way, determine whether the pith will or won’t deform or crack.

On the low, the pith will typically tend to stretch and, as a result, pull away from the intended shape of the wooden bowl as it dries. Rather than being round, the bowl will end up being elliptical.

You should ensure that you cut away any piece of wood which could be within the internal circle surrounding the pith.

Appropriately Store your Wooden Bowl

To prevent your bowl from cracking, you should ensure that you appropriately store it. The conditions under which you should store your wooden bowl will depend on your local climate, humidity, and temperature.

Some of the vital factors that you should remember when storing your wooden bowl include: no harsh temperatures, no direct sunlight, evade excessive air movement, and humidity changes.

Turn your Wooden Bowl Evenly

When you turn the wooden bowl evenly, the chances of it cracking are much higher. When a section of your wooden bowl is thinner, and one section is thicker, the two sections will dry and move differently. A crack will end forming due to opposing movements.

You should ensure that you turn your wooden bowl evenly; the thickness of the wall should be uniform throughout.

How to Repair Wooden Bowl

Despite putting into consideration the preventive measures, your bowl would still end up cracking. Luckily, this can be fixed. Below are some of the ways that you could repair your wooden bowl.

Fissure Filling

Small cracks on a wooden bowl can be easily mitigated and repaired. This process of wooden bowl repair is straightforward. Additionally, it will also help to minimize telltale stains within the crack.

Some of the things you will need for this process include clear spray lacquer, CA accelerator, and CA super thin glue. Lacquer is a thin film finish that is applied on top of a wooden surface after sanding. It does not limit the final finishes that you will opt for.

It’s vital that you first a film finish of lacquer to prevent the chances of CA from staining the wood on the bowl crack.

This process is best executed while the wooden bowl is still on the lathe prior to final finishing and sanding. Below are vital steps that you should follow to appropriately fill medium and small wooden bowl cracks and avert them from growing.

  • Using lacquer, spray around the wooden bowl crack; you should then let it dry for some minutes
  • On the crack, pack the fine sawdust
  • With the fine sawdust, drip into the crack super thin CA
  • Rub the sawdust over the wooden bowl crack
  • Using the CA accelerator, spray the cracked area
  • Continue finishing or turning to make the sanding are smoother

Architectural Reinforcement

In some instances, the cracks on the wooden bowl tend to be immense than expected. This makes it much challenging to repair it and to revive it into its original and elegant look. However, by reinforcing architecture, you will be able to achieve this.

Depending on the design of your wooden bowl and your taste, there are various things that you can do to transform the crack into an excellent piece that you desire. This type of repair requires an advanced level of creativity.

You are required to stitch up the seam through the drilling holes that are parallel to one another and one opposite side of your wooden bowl crack. To stitch up the crack, you could use wire, string, or leather. It does not need to be closed or drawn tight to have a striking and supporting visual effect.

Decorate the Wooden Bowl

After repairing the crack on your wooden bowl, it will be ideal to decorate it and give it a unique and gorgeous outlook. Additionally, when you decorate your wooden bowl, it is not possible for someone to notice that the bowl has previously cracked.

There are various colorful powders and decorative that you could use to decorate your wooden bowl and hide the signs of cracks or deformations. There are also metal powders and turquoise chips that you can use in this crucial step of reviving the elegant outlook of your wooden bowl.

If the crack is small, you may opt for colored filler instead of using sawdust. Larger cracks may require the use of the epoxy mix to fill the whole area.

It would be best if you mixed the epoxy in accordance with the product instructions from the manufacturers. The epoxy mix should be in large portions enough to fill the entire crack on your wooden bowl. While mixing the epoxy, you should add the color mix. You should then apply the mix to the cavity.

It would be best if you then allowed the mixture of the colored mixture to dry. It is important to note that this step is perfectly done prior to the completion of the bowl. This helps to ensure that the repaired part is further sanded or turned to the desired finish.

Bottom Line

Although it may be challenging to repair a cracked wooden bowl, however, with the above guide, you will be better positioned to prevent the chances of it cracking and repair it when it cracks.


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