Is cedar a strong wood?

Is cedar a strong wood

Cedarwood has many types, some are stronger and others are not that much.

The strongest species in cedarwood according to the Janka tool, is red cedar wood. The sheet strength of 900 LBS is insane for softwood like this. To be honest, many kinds of wood do not match the strength it has. 

in the industries, cedarwood is a perfect choice. It does not get warped, shrank, or yellowish, like many other kinds of wood, do. Plus, its natural scent makes it insect-proof.

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You can know the hardness and comprehensive strength of the woods through a tool known as, the Janka scale. 

According to the Janka scale, the woods are marked higher for their hardness.

It ranks Cedar accordingly:

  • Red Cedar- 900 Ibf 

Red Cedar is also famous as Juniperus Virginiana, Pencil cedar, and Eastern Juniper. It grows in eastern North America. Due to its slow growth, it appears to be an expensive choice of softwood. The strong aroma lets the insects and moths remain away from it.

  • Alaskan Cedar- 580 Ibf

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is readily available in Canada and Alaska. You cannot ignore the beauty of creamy yellow-colored straight-grain wood. It is a relatively hard type of Cedar. Its strength and unique characteristic of weather resistance make it an excellent choice for marine construction and park benches.

  • White & Red cedar- 320-250 Ibf

Despite the similar properties to other cedars, it still mesmerizes and captivates the users with its fantastic aroma. You will find it hard to resist the blend of lemony and spicy scents. Feel free to make small unique pieces like toys and candlesticks.

  • Port Orford Cedar- 720 Ibf

Port Orford cedar grows in Northern California and Oregon. You will not find it easily everywhere. It is rare, and some private lands provide little quantity of its harvest. Therefore, don’t count it as an affordable choice. 

  • Incense Cedar- 470 Ibf

Incense Cedar Remains in the limelight for its outstanding aroma. The dark red streaks with the light brown color make it highly appealing to the eyes. This version of cedar wood is durable and highly weather resistant. You can cut and give it your desired shape seamlessly.

Mark it as your favorite choice if you wish to swirl your head in the sweet scent of it from your chest of drawers and storage chests. Nevertheless, you can use its non- splintering grain for the pencils.

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