Is pine wood good for furniture?

Is pine wood good for furniture?

If you have come across the word Pinewood, I’m sure it’s difficult for you to make the right decision on whether or not you should make furniture made out of pinewood.

There are loads of different types of pinewoods, each comes with a different purpose.

With that said, we’ll here particularly talk about the pinewood which is best in regards to furniture, such as white pinewood or a yellow pale pinewood.

Coming to the main point, pinewood is a decent choice for manufacturing furniture. It’s easy to use, easy in terms of cutting and shaping since it’s one of the lightest woods, greatly lighter than oak wood. Also, it’s cheaper than many woods so it makes a good choice for manufacturing furniture.

But there are a few disadvantages that come along with pinewood furniture, for instance, furniture made out of pinewood requires more care and maintenance than natural woods, for instance, a table made out of pinewood will be more prone to get dents on it while a chair’s leg of pinewood is more prone to break off because the stiffness is not that great as other woods like walnut, oak, and maple to a name few.

What is pinewood?

Pine wood

Pine is of the softwood which is readily available on the market, it’s affordable for the reason being the tree grows sooner than many other trees as well can be found across the world, including US, Germany, Africa, which are some great sources of this wood.

Being called a softwood, it’s very much understandable that these woods are naturally softer than hardwoods, ultimately it’s to conclude its furniture will be lighter in weight which can be one of the reasons why a person would want to purchase it.

Moreover, despite being known as a cheaper and lighter wood. Pinewood is also very familiar for its design, by assuming that we’re talking about white pine, which gives us a hint the color of this particular wood would be light something like a light yellow, or pale white. Due to its lighter color, it can easily be stained in whichever color you wish, thanks to its excellent ability to absorb colors.

Pine is light in color, usually with a creamy white look, although the specific shade can vary somewhat. Some varieties produce a very white color. Furthermore, pine has a distinctive grain with knots that are darker in color than the wood itself, which makes it stand out from other woods.

Types of pinewood- ideal for furniture.

Pinus is a genus of conifers, of which there are multiple types. Pines are classified under the Pinaceae family. In this article, we will not talk about each of them, but rather share with you some of their names. To remind you: the White pinewood is primarily used by carpenters when making furniture.

 Some of the most common types of Pine include:

  • Scots Pine
  • Stone Pine
  • Eastern White Pine
  • Pinus Taeda
  • Pinus Nigra
  • Pinus Cembra
  • Pinus halepensis

There are actually two types of pinewoods being used to make furniture, the ponderosa pine, and the white pine. The ponderosa pine has less durability, so it’s more susceptible to decay than the white pine and gets brittle and prone to cracking. Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pines, on the other hand, are hard, very strong, and resist decay well. As a boat building material, as well as a flooring choice, it is highly prized.

Advantages of pine for furniture.

Cheaper Than Hardwood-

One of the biggest advantages of pine wood for furniture is they are cost-effective. The furniture takes less time to craft than hardwoods since the wood is easy to work with, also due to the tree’s fast-growing ability, you can find furniture made out of this wood at affordable rates.


Many homeowners prefer furniture made from pinewood due to its lightweight, which is why such furniture is popular.

Good flexibility-

The wood is durable, study, as well flexible enough so a shock would not break it off easily. That’s even greater than many hardwoods which are strong yet cannot hold a shock.

Attractive Grain Options-

Unlike wood-engineered woods, this kind of furniture has attractive grains that give it an appealing look and feel. In addition to that, they hold stain well that gives it a good overall look and feel.

Disadvantages of pine for furniture.

Often Features Knots & Knotholes-

One of the disadvantages of pinewood is that they feature too many knots, which is one of the reasons why the pricing sometimes goes crazy as it becomes hard to get a fine piece to build pieces of furniture.

Susceptible to Scratches and Dents-

Since pinewood is a softwood, it can get scratches easily due to its soft nature. Therefore, you will need to take extra care of the pine furniture to prevent it from getting dents and scratches.

Pinewood and furniture- Conclusion

Many types of furniture have been made with pine in the past. Despite its simplicity, it is strong enough for a variety of applications. Furniture makers find the Eastern White Pine to be a beautiful wood to work with. 

Accordingly, historically, the wood was mainly used for chair seats and additional wood, such as cabinet doors. 

The biggest challenge with pine is obtaining decent wood, even these are available in a vast quantity but due to the fact they have knots, obtaining the ideal pieces out of them is still a headache. 

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