Is there cedar plywood?

Cedar wood

One of the most rot-resistant wood is cedar, which is also known for its ability to keep away bugs and other insects that can damage the wood.

Considering the fact that cedarwood has a lot of uses as well, its ability to be used in furnishings is far better than many kinds of wood around there.

For some reason, if you want to replicate a cedar wood with a plywood sheet for one of your projects. But you still wish to keep up with the cedar.

You may question this, are there cedar plywoods? And how good are they? Can you use them for your project?

Fortunately, this blog post is going to cover this topic. I have done some research on the internet and found that many online stores are selling cedar plywood.

So if you don’t find them at local stores you can purchase them through the links I’m going to put here in this blog post.

Yes, you can find cedar plywoods at a decent cost.

Cedarwood has a lot of species, and not all of them are worth making plywood.

Like you may not find Spanish cedar plywood- however, you can ask the seller if he can manage to provide you with this.

The only cedar wood species used mostly in making plywood is the Aromatic cedar, which has a reddish or violet look that is also appealing.

So, in finding cedar plywoods there is not so much trouble. 

Many online stores such as Amazon, Homedepot, Lowes, are selling aromatic cedar plywood in sizes of 4′ x 8′ and ¼  thickness. You can find them at a decent cost that is anywhere between $30 to $100 depending upon various situations.

Prices for these plywoods can vary depending upon what thickness, treated or non-treated as well sanded or non sanded plywood you want to purchase. 

Nonetheless, the estimated cost of cedar plywood can be anywhere between $30 to $100 dollars for high-grade AA. 

Are cedar plywoods any good?

Yes, they are good for both outdoor and indoor use. 

What makes them so good are:

  • Cedar plywoods are insect-proofs.

  • Eastern red cedar plywood delivers an appealing look without any additional cost of veneer.

  • Cedar plywoods absorb paints effectively, due to the wood having a good ability to soak up the liquid.

  • Cedar plywoods also can be used where the water is a concern.

Water damage can be a matter of concern when using cedar plywood.

But it can be prevented if you treat the cedar wood with some water-resistant chemicals. Which is already being done by many industries these days.

As a home improvement contractor, I can tell you that cedar plywood is not only high quality but also relatively low cost.

Cedarwood has been used for centuries as a building material and offers great advantages over other materials such as resistant rot, protection from insects or bugs, natural appealing look as well as easy to mold and craft.

Why are cedar plywoods best for small DIY projects?

For me, the main reason to use cedar plyboard is that it is less expensive than many plywoods such as marine plywood but still offers great benefits. 

This allows you to have a great-looking deck at an affordable cost without sacrificing any of its strength or durability.

Online stores to buy cedar plywood

Online store Quality  Price
Amazon Almost any grade is available. $$$
Cherokee Wood Aromatic Cedar plywood $52
HomeDepot Wide range of plywoods. $$$
Lowes Medium quality plywoods. $$$

Types of cedar plywood

I have searched a lot specifically in the united state to find out what are some types of cedar available at local stores. 

As I searched, I came across that.

In the United States, two primary types of cedar are used for plywood: western white cedar and western red cedar.

  • Aromatic Red Cedar.
  • Western Red Cedar.

 Dressers, chests, and closet linings are most commonly made from Aromatic Red Cedar.

So if you’re going to build any of these types or something related to these types of cedar, you should ask for this specific cedar plywood to get the job right. 

On the other hand.

Western red cedar is more frequently used for external siding, window frames, and outdoor furniture. This is because of the wood’s nature to resist water and mildew effects. 

Properties of cedar plywood

Wood Color  Pinkish-red color
Thickness ¼ or can vary.
Availability Many stores have aromatic cedar plywood available
Uses of Cedar plywood Cedar oil, fencing, decking, siding, boatbuilding, musical instruments, and many more.
Finishing Cedar has good finishing qualities.
Workability It is easy to cut and shape. Great workability properties.
Types Softwood
Availability  It is easily available in many regions
Durability It is extremely durable. Therefore it is used for Boat Making.

Woods such as cedar emit natural oils that give their wood its aroma.

By producing these oils, the wood becomes less attractive to insects and moths that feed on wood. 

Since this is true, and because the wood is attractive to the scent, cedar has been prized for centuries as a closet lining, chest, or another storage place. 

Cedar will keep wool-eating moths away from clothing, which is responsible for destroying clothes. 

When it comes to plywood we all know some chemicals become a part of it.

Which can provide this property to other kinds of wood, but Cedar has these properties by default, thus with more of these elements improve the quality.

Applications where you can use cedar plywoods?

Cedar is known for its versatility, with that being said you can use them most probably anywhere.

However, a moist climate is not so friendly with cedar plywoods.

Because they can soak up water and can get damaged from fungus, or water can expand the sheets from underneath.

  • Cedar oil
  • Fencing
  • Decking
  • Siding
  • Boatbuilding
  • musical instruments

Cedar plywood’s advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage Disadvantage
Lightweight– Lightweight wood species include Western Red Cedar. This makes them suitable for use at high altitudes. Cedar contains enough moisture. So they won’t warp and crack.  Require maintenance– Cedar plywoods require regular maintenance due to their softwood nature which makes them easy to get scratches.
Cost-effective- The family of cedar trees consists of a large number of species. You can always buy one according to your budget and needs. Flammable– Cedar plywoods are more flammable. Thus, it’s mostly prevented using indoor places such as kitchen shelves.
Easy to work– Cedar plywoods are easy to work with, hold screws well, and don’t get cracked off during installing a screw. Moreover, cutting them is also easy using any saw of your choice. Color can fade out- Cedar plywoods when not stained and can fade out their color and look dull. Therefore, you must apply any protective coat onto them.
Available– You can easily find cedar plywood. Since it has so many wood species it’s not difficult. Don’t have brutal strength- Cedar plywoods don’t have any superior strength. Thus, not suitable for constructing building frames or deckings.
Water-resistant- A lot of people use Western red cedar for exterior purposes. Their straight-grained and moisture-retentive properties make them an ideal choice.  
Durable- Cedar plywood lasts for 30-40 years thanks to chemicals and its natural ability. With proper maintenance, it remains durable for a longer period.   
Nice appearance- With its reddish color tones and stained finish, cedar is one of the more attractive woods.  

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