What should I look for when buying a table saw?

What should I look for when buying a table saw

A table saw is one of the most essential and versatile woodworking power tools. It plays a significant role in helping working professionals and enthusiasts make the precise and accurate cutting of pieces of wood.

There is a vast array of miter saws in the market, making it a challenging hurdle when you want to buy one.

The major challenge is usually what to look for when purchasing a table saw. The type of table saw that you go for will be determined by the design you prefer, the specifications, and the kind of woodworking project you are undertaking.

If it’s your first time buying a table saw, you might be wondering what to look for when purchasing one. Luckily this piece will give you much-needed insights on the same.


The type of table saw you go for should be determined by the nature of the woodworking projects you undertake. Power accuracy and mobility are the factors that you should put into consideration.

If you often move from one place to another with your woodworking tools, you should opt for a lightweight, and portable table saw.

Suppose you primarily work from the same place or in the same workshop. In that case, you should consider going for a table saw alternatives that is rigid enough and position it in an ideal position within your workshop.

In addition, it would be best to go for a heavyweight table saw as you won’t have to move it from time to time.


Your budget plays a significant role in determining the type of table saw to go for. The table saw that you should be within your budget. This way, you will be able to avoid any kind of financial inconveniences.

If you are on a low budget, you could opt for a budget-friendly table as also you will be able to maintain it.
If your budget is high, then you should go for high-end table saws.

Compared to the cheap ones, high-end table saws come with robust, durable, and powerful features that will give the much-needed level of service and without breaking down quickly.

Rip Capacity

One of the essential factors that you should consider when buying a table saw is the rip capacity. It entails the distance between the fence and the saw blade. The bigger the space, the bigger the rip capacity, meaning you will rip larger pieces of wood with much ease.

The type of wood you want to cut will determine the kind of table saw to go; for instance, if you seek to cut larger pieces of wood, you should opt for a table saw with a bigger rip capacity.

On the other hand, if you want to cut wide boards or plywood, it will be wise to go for a table saw with a ripping capacity of 24 inches and above.

Size of the Saw Blade

The size of the blade will determine the type of table saw to go for. Different table saws are designed to accommodate specific dimensions of the edge as indicated by the manufacturer.

Some of the standard sizes of the blade include 14, 12, 10, and 8 inches. The length of the blade will determine the speed and the size of the wood that you will cut with it.

It’s important to note that you cannot use more giant blades on a table saw than the one indicated on it; for instance, you cannot use a 14-inch blade on a 12-inch blade table saw.

However, you can use a smaller blade size than the one indicated; for example, you can use a 12-inch blade on a 14-inch blade table saw.

The blades used on the table saw can be interchanged with a blade from a miter saw, provided they are of the same size. On the same note, it will be ideal that you purchase a table saw using the same blade size as your miter saw so that you may interchange them easily.

Electricity Consumption

Table saws usually use electricity for them to operate and to make cuts on pieces of wood. Different table saws have varying levels of electricity consumption which is usually measured in amps. Most common table saws feature 15 amps.

This determines how powerful your table saw will be; going for a table saw will lower amps. As a result, you will have difficulties cutting thicker pieces of wood.

Suppose you are undertaking immense and challenging woodworking projects. In that case, it will be ideal to go for a table saw with higher amps as it enables you to undertake the job easily will hassle and time.

However, at the same time, it won’t be ideal to go for a high amp table saw if you are undertaking light woodworking tasks.

Fence Options

You will never know how important a table saw fence is until you work with a faulty one. Then, you will end up producing poor quality and erroneous cuts. Thus, it is essential that you go for a table saw with a high-quality and functional fence.

The fence plays a significant role in improving the alignment of your table saw and determining how precise your final cuts will be.

Therefore, before buying a table saw, you should ensure that its fence is appropriately and precisely aligned to the saw blade.

Saw Stop

A table saw is one of the most hazardous woodworking power tools. Thus when buying one, you should ensure that it comes with pre-installed safety features that will help you operate them without being exposed to accidents that could inconvenience your well-being.

One of the essential safety features on a table saw is the saw stop. It helps to avoid accidents by stopping the motor and the blades from spinning in a matter of seconds when it gets in contact with the human skin.

This impressive feature helps to secure the users from any accident that arises when using this powerful tool.

Bottom Line

If you are not sure of the things to look for when buying a table saw, the above tips will be of much help. Go for a table saw within your budget but ensure it’s of good quality and one which will give you service for a long without exposing you to risks.


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