Must-Have Woodworking Tools for a Beginner Woodworker

If you are a beginner woodworker and you’ve asked what are the must-have woodworking tools be prepared for a myriad of answers. The woodworking tools you need depend on several factors, specifically what type of woodworking you are you going to do. A woodworker who makes kitchen cabinets and wall units must have a different set of tools than a woodworker who makes gift boxes or wooden signs.

Do both types of woodworkers above share a set of common tools. Yes, and to me, those are the tools you must have first. Let’s go over the tools I think every beginner woodworker should have in their workshop.

Must-Have Woodworking Tools For Beginner Woodworker

  1. Portable Workbench  – At the beginning, you might not have the budget or space for a big solid wood workbench so invest in a good quality portable workbench. I like the Kreg Workbench (see the latest price on Amazon) myself because it’s decently priced, solid and the I love the clamping system.
  2. Circular saw or Table Saw – A good circular saw can get you buy until you can buy a table saw. There are several accessories you can purchase that will help you make the most of your circular saw. I like the Skil 15-amp saw with laser guide. There are several other quality circular saws under $100 that perform really well. You can see them all on Amazon along with current prices. If you can afford a table saw at the beginning go for it.
  3. Power Drill – Most folks already have a power drill in their home so it’s not one that you would need to go out and purchase. A decent drill usually gets the job done for most woodworking projects. If you do have the option to add a drill press than do so. A drill press is a great tool to have in your shop.
  4. Jigsaw – A jigsaw is used for cutting curves, straight lines, and circles so it really is a versatile tool.In addition, you can cut different materials such as wood, plastics, copper etc.
  5. Compound Miter Saw – A compound miter saw is used to make very accurate cuts in both the vertical and horizontal place. Cuts can also be angled for added versatility. Making frames with a compound miter saw is a piece of cake.
  6. Router – A router is going to let you add decorative edging to your projects, cut joinery, and let you hollow out an area in your piece of work. Routers are extremely versatile since you have dozens of router bits you can purchase to create different profiles.
  7. Random Orbital Sander – A random orbital sander is a great finishing sander. The random orbital motion doesn’t leave sanding marks behind. A variety of available sanding disks will let you finish just about any project.
  8. Power Jointer and Thickness Planer -These two power tools will help you straighten edges for joining boards into larger prices and the thickness planer will quickly and efficiently flatten the faces of rough lumber or reclaimed wood. These are not inexpensive but if you end up working on many woodworking projects both the power jointer and thickness planer will save you countless hours.
  9. Clamps – Get clamps, lots of clamps. Nothing much to add here other than having a good collection of clamps of various sizes and styles if going to make your woodworking a lot easier and better.
  10. Hand tools -Hammer, wooden and rubber mallet, various screwdrivers, a couple of hand saws, tape measure, combination square, rasp files, block plane, a good set of chisels.

If there is anything I am forgetting or you think should be on this list please share it in the comments below.

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