Where to Sell Old Woodworking Tools (Approved Ideas)

Where to Sell Old Woodworking Tools (Approved Ideas)

With the advancement in technology, new designs and models of woodworking tools are produced each day. Most woodworkers tend to replace their old tools with more advanced woodworking tools with robust and durable features. The main challenge is usually where to sell their old tools.

If you are a woodworker and have no idea where to sell your old woodworking tools, this piece will enlighten you and give you more insights on how to go about it.

eBay Marketplace

eBay is one of the biggest online platforms where sellers could post their products and get potential buyers. As a woodworker, you could use this platform for marketing your old working tools, equipment, and machine.

This online platform is viable as thousands of buyers are looking for the product you are selling and even pay handsomely for them.

Before posting your old woodworking tool on eBay, you should ensure that it is in good shape and of good quality. If the product that you are selling is of poor quality, you will be flagged and banned from using this online market platform.

eBay is a safe platform that could help you quickly get potential customers. However, you should ensure that you adhere to the policies and the terms and conditions designed to protect both the sellers and the buyers using the platform.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has made a remarkable effort of connecting sellers and buyers through the popular Facebook Marketplace. There are thousands of sellers and buyers on this platform.

Thus this is the perfect avenue for you to post and sell your old woodworking tools. As a seller, you are supposed to use your Facebook profile to post. Thus, you should ensure it is legit so that you can build the buyers’ trust.

Selling quality products on Facebook Marketplace will also enable you to get impressive reviews and better your chances of getting more potential clients.

The platform is free to use. Thus, it would be best if you opted to use it when you are seeking to sell your old woodworking tools.

Social Media Groups

Apart from Facebook Marketplace, there are various social media platforms where you could post your old woodworking tools, share them widely, attract potential clients and sell them. Some of these social media platforms include Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and many more.

Social media platforms are used by millions of people daily, and thus, it is an excellent platform for you to market your old woodworking tools and get buyers who are willing and ready to buy the tools you are selling.

All you need to do is take clear and high-quality pictures of the woodworking tools that you are selling and post them with an exciting description or caption on various groups where people could see them quickly and contact you for sale.

Hardware Stores

Apart from selling brand new woodworking tools, machinery, and equipment, most hardware stores also sell second-hand tools.

You could visit a local hardware store with the tools you are selling and bargain with them to get a better deal for your old tools.

Good bargain power is a trait that you should have. Failure to negotiate for a better deal with the store owner will lead you to sell your old woodworking tools at a throw-away price.

Most vintage woodworking tools tend to be of high quality despite being old. Thus it would be best if you did not compromise on that.

Local Woodworking Clubs

If you seek to get honest and prospective clients for your old woodworking tools, you should consider getting them at your local woodworking clubs.

You should join as many local clubs as possible and ensure that you do not miss attending the meetings.

Please use the meeting days to meet new people, socialize, and tell them about the woodworking tools you are selling. You will be surprised to get people who have planning to buy the tools that you are selling. Meeting buyers face to face will enable you to strike for a better deal.

Woodworking Forums and Shows

Most woodworking shows and forums are usually organized where various companies and organizations showcase the woodworking tools and products they are selling.

You could take advantage of this forum to market the old woodworking that you are selling and get buyers willing to pay well for the same.

Observing how other people and organizations are marketing and selling their products at the forum could give you an idea of how you could market and make a sale swiftly.

Pawn Shops

If you are not willing to sell your old woodworking tools online for fear of being scammed, you could opt to sell them at a pawnshop. Although many of the pawnshops are notorious for buying second-hand tools at a lower price, you could sell them at a reasonable price with better bargaining power.

If you opt to sell your old woodworking tools to a pawn shop, it’s important to note they only buy old tools of high quality and from recognized manufacturers. Failure to meet the required standards will lead to the rejection of your second-hand tools.

Selling your tools through the pawnshop can be challenging as they may not be interested in buying your tools due to their reasons.

Auction Houses 

If your old woodworking tools are still in perfect shape and of good quality, then you should consider hiring an auction house to sell them to the highest bidder. Through the auction houses, it’s easy to get potential clients who are willing and ready to buy your tools at an impressive price.

However, it’s important to note that the auction house cut their share from the cost that they will sell your woodworking product at. The impressive aspect about auction houses is that they will get a customer for your tools within a short period.

Auction houses are ideal for high-end and vintage woodworking tools.

Bottom Line 

If you are unsure where to sell your old woodworking tools, the above suggestions are worth trying. However, it would be best if you were keen not to be scammed. To sell your tools at a reasonable price, you should have excellent bargaining power.


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