(11 Reasons) Why People Love Compound Miter Saw!

Fully Explained: Sliding vs Compound Miter Saw? 

Miter saws are robust and powerful woodworking tools used by both experts and enthusiasts. Their overall outlook can be intimidating due to their loads of knobs, complex-looking adjustments, and levers.

It can be challenging when opting to go a compound or a sliding miter saw as they are mostly marketed using tough-sounding phrases including ‘compound sliding’ and ‘dual bevel.’ 

A standard miter saw is exclusively designed to make miters or angled cuts. Compound miter saws are designed to make bevel and miter cuts. On the other hand, sliding miter saws are designed with a blade that slides out, thus allowing you to cut wider boards for your woodworking projects.

This piece will enlighten you more on sliding and compound miter saw, including their beneficial aspects and drawbacks so that you can wisely choose which one to go for. 

What is Compound Miter Saw?

A compound miter saw serves the same functionalities as the standard miter saws. However, compound miter saws are more advanced. Its blade features a pivoting arm that can be adjusted to varying angles apart from 90-degrees. This feature enables them to bevel cuts on pieces of wood in addition to miter cuts. 

One of the impressive aspects of this potent woodworking tool is that it’s much versatile. Its ability to make bevel cuts makes it ideal for a vast array of woodworking projects.

A bevel cut is much different from the standard type of cut. As opposed to cutting across the face of wooden material, a bevel type of cut goes via the thickness of wooden material. A bevel cut tends to be inclined vertically, while a miter cutter is inclined horizontally.

The bevel cuts made by compound miter saws are utilized for finishing purposes. They are also ideal for cutting crown molding and other woodworking projects that need cut on both the horizontal and vertical plane.

The blade on a compound miter saw only tilts in one direction, either right or left. If you need to cut in the other direction, you will be necessitated to physically turn the workpiece around and to work on it from the other side. 

Constantly moving the workpiece while using the compound miter saw can be tiresome; thus, you should opt for its advanced version; the dual compound miter saw.

What Are Pros And Cons Using Compound Miter Saw?

It features a blade that pivots both right and left. This woodworking power tool comes in handy on projects that require both bevel and miter cuts. 


  • They are user friendly as they are easy to use
  • They can be used to cut thick pieces of wood
  • Their hinge can be rotated, thus making them ideal for making cross-cuts
  • They are robust and powerful therefore can be used on demanding woodworking projects
  • Suitable for making smoother cuts
  • Their miter gauge is of high quality and has a rotating pivot; thus can be used by anyone
  • It boasts of a lock feature. Thus you can easily readjust it at any time.
  • It can be rotated in a vast array of angles
  • They are ideal for base and crown moldings
  • They make accurate and precise cuts


  • It depends on electricity for its functionality 
  • It can be messy to use as it does not have a container for dust collection 

What is Sliding Miter Saw?

A sliding miter saw features many similarities to the compound saw as they can both make bevel and miter cuts. The main difference is based on the width of the wood material that they can cut. 

A sliding miter saw features rails that enable the user to slide the saw to and fro. This feature increases the cutting capacity of this woodworking power tool, making it ideal for even much thicker pieces of lumber and challenging projects.

A high-end sliding miter saw tends to be more costly than a compound miter saw of the same quality; thus, the budget will determine which of these two powerful tools to go for. 

The sliding miter saw boasts speed and accuracy. You can undertake immense woodworking projects within a short period of time and with much ease. They have the capacity to cut across up to 8 inches and even more expansive. 

When it comes to size, sliding miter saws tend to be bigger and heavier as compared to compound miter saws. A sliding miter saw may be ideal if your working station has adequate space. They tend to be more durable when placed in a permanent position.

What Are Pros And Cons Using Sliding Miter Saw?

If you often from one working station to the other, you may opt to, but a miter saw stand for your power tool.



How a Compound and a Sliding Miter Saw Differs

These two outstanding woodworking power tools have much in common. However, they all have various features and specifications, which also brings about the difference in the functionalities.

A sliding miter saw features a rail that enables the blade to move to and fro across a wooden material that is wide. They can effectively and efficiently cut across rigid material, which is complex and even impossible to execute using a compound miter saw.

On the other hand compound, the miter saw has been craftily designed to cut thick wooden materials. Although they are not designed with sliding rails, they feature a cutting arm that enables them to cut thick lumbers, which less hassle, time, and much effectively.


Both sliding and compound miter saws are ideal woodworking tools for precise and accurate cutting of bevel and miter cuts due to their powerful and robust features. However, they differ when it comes to some aspects of the functionality.

The choice on whether to go for a sliding or compound miter saw will depend on your budget and the kind of woodworking project.

If you are on low-budget and your project involves cutting thicker pieces of lumber, they should go for a compound miter saw.

However, if your project involves cutting across more comprehensive pieces of wood and boards and you are well financially, you should go for a sliding miter saw.

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