Hardwood plywoods are plywoods made of hardwood trees, such as walnut, oak, teak, and other hardwood trees. Hardwood plywood panels are commonly used in furniture, cabinets, millwork, and other decorative projects. They have a softwood core and a hardwood veneer facing and back.

Here are some types of hardwood plywood you can purchase.

Alder plywood

In addition to being an excellent wood for machining, alder is also a popular turning material. A plywood made from an alder can be nailed or screwed without pre-drilling. In addition to gluing well, it can be sanded to a smooth finish. Despite its even texture, alder has a subdued grain pattern and is moderately heavy and hard.

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Ash plywood

Sheets of Ash Plywood come in sizes of 4′ x 8′ available in 1/4″ or 3/4″ thickness. The heartwood is a light brown color, though darker shades can also be seen. It is usually beige or light brown in color, and sapwood cannot always be differentiated from heartwood sharply or clearly.

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Beech plywood

A pale, fresh color and a fine texture make beech plywood the perfect choice for clear finishing. This hardwood plywood is widely used in the manufacture of furniture, shop fittings, and joinery. The product is made of Multilam Birch Exterior plywood, a high-quality material. Assurance of high quality with New Leaf.

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Birch plywood

Birch plywood is also hardwood plywood. The material can be used for millwork, furniture production, structural and industrial applications, pattern making, plywood underlayment, formwork, home improvement, and minor construction.

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Bamboo plywood 

Plywood from bamboo trees is also hardwood plywood. Plywood made from bamboo is ideal for plywood construction because of its dimensional stability, tensile properties, and rapid growth properties.

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Cherry plywood 

The plywood from Cherry trees can also be called hardwood plywood. Cherry plywood is available in 4′ x 8′ sheets and thicknesses of 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″, and 3/4″. Freshly cut heartwood is pinkish brown but darkens to a golden brown over time and with exposure to light.

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Hickory plywood

It is also possible to make hardwood plywood from Hickory trees. Comes in different sizes, thicknesses,es and finishes this type of plywood is suitable for outdoor projects including construction work.

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Mahogany plywood

Hardwood plywood can also be made from Mahogany trees. The African Mahogany Plywood sheets measure 4′ x 8′ and come in 1/4” and 3/4” thicknesses. There can be streaks of dark reddish brown or medium shades of pink in the heartwood, which ranges from white to pale pink.

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Maple plywood

The plywood made from maple trees can also be classified as hardwood plywood. This is due to the tight, consistent grain of Maple, which makes it a very durable and aesthetically pleasing material. Without grain fillers, sanding or scraping creates an extremely smooth surface. In contrast to woods with more pronounced grain patterns, plywood stained with stains provides extremely even color.

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Poplar plywood

Another type of hardwood plywood is plywood made from poplar trees. Even though plywood is lightweight, it is very strong and durable, making it suitable for many kinds of projects. In addition to being regulation-compliant, it is a good alternative to other plywood types as well.

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Oak plywood

The plywood from oak trees is also classified as hardwood plywood. Oak has a high degree of strength, as well as a beautiful grain contrast and pattern. Oak is known for its density and hardness. As oak is very expensive and difficult to work with, oak plywood is very popular for cabinet and furniture construction.

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Teak plywood

The plywood made from teak trees is hardwood plywood as well.  For cabinetry, bulkheads, shelves, and door panels below deck, teak plywood has quality faces and lightweight cores.

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Walnut plywood

Hardwood plywood can also be made from walnut trees. Dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks can be seen in walnut plywood heartwood. Sometimes the color appears grey, purple, or reddish. White to pale yellow-gray is the color of sapwood.

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