What are anchor furniture kits? The importance of installing them

What are anchor furniture kitse

The purpose of anchor kits is primarily to prevent furniture from falling during earthquakes and increase the safety of children. It’s made of two brackets that join with a strap or cable. A piece of furniture should be pulled in front of the brackets with one screwed into the wall behind it and the other screwed into the object.

It is easier than you think to install.

Locating the stud in your wall is the first step in installing an anchoring kit.

The next thing you need to do is measure and mark the spot on both pieces of furniture that require anchoring (or just one piece if it is a single anchor).

After you have marked each bracket, use a drill bit or power screwdriver with anchor screws suitable for drywall installation to screw it into place; then tighten the connector strap/cable between brackets to secure it in place.

What makes anchor furniture kits so important?

As an analogy, imagine your home as a boat. When an earthquake hits, you never know what might happen, and long-lasting items might be destroyed or furniture could fall off. About the safety of children, they provide excellent protection against tragic accidents caused by furniture falling over.

In particular, those who live in earthquake-prone areas and parents of small children should anchor their furniture.

Organizations spreading awareness about anchor kits

There has been considerable attention given to this matter by some individuals. A US government official also led the way in educating the public on this serious matter.

Some of the most active Organizations of today are listed below.

Shane’s Foundation, NFP

After losing her first child, Shane, in 2011, Lisa Siefert founded this organization to honor him. Shane was killed when a dresser fell on him as he tried to climb it. She and the foundation have been promoting safety from tip-over incidents and educating people to prevent this danger.

Anchor It!

Anchor It is a government website that aims to educate people about the danger of falling off furniture by providing useful videos and text-based guides to help make them realize how serious this issue is, and how crucial it is to take action against it.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

This government website provides consumer safety information through the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Several products have been recalled and have received warnings.

Kids In Danger (KID)

KIDS IN DANGER advocates for the safety of children’s products as a non-profit organization. Safety improvements are sought by KID for many products, including furniture.

Living in a house full of unsecured furniture presents many dangers. Consequently, children are in a vulnerable position because furniture tipping over can seriously injure them or even kill them.

With regards to unsecured furniture, one of the biggest threats is that they will tip over on children under the age of 5. For the fact that climbing over furniture is fun for toddlers since it makes them feel like they’re on top of something.

Why should you anchor your furniture?

Unaware of what may follow- the possibility of serious injury. The significance of the issue is beyond their grasp.

If you are a parent, you need to make sure that all the things you have installed at home are secured properly, such as furniture and a TV hooked up. So that your children remain safe at home while you are away, make sure they’re fastened with quality furniture anchor kits.

Over 15,000 children are injured each year by furniture tipping over (only in the U.S), according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In addition to those reported by parents, there could be thousands of other such unfortunate incidents!

One child dies on average every 10 days, meaning that more than 30 children die every month, according to a study done by the CPSC.

As per the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s latest statistics, furniture tipping over onto children accounts for about 75% of all accidents, majorly involving children under six years old. TVs and other home appliances make up 25% of the rest.

A sad story of a Child’s death due to tip-over

A nightmare came true for me at about 2 a.m. on Dec. 18, 2004. The body of my lovely daughter Meghan, age 3, was found beneath her dresser. 

During the night, while the rest of the family slept, it fell on her. Her tiny body was dumped on a carpeted floor so the dresser too, thereby we didn’t hear it fall. And due to the heavyweight of the dresser, it crushed her airway and she was unable to cry.


We hope you will not be saddened by this tragic story, rather it should serve as a warning to furniture manufacturers to enhance their safety standards. Alternatively, this act could be implemented as a law to prevent others from having to face this nightmare, which is becoming more and more frequent

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  1. I would like to further this cause by making affordable children’s furniture that isn’t going to tip over. Please advise of a source of plans or designs.

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