What are Cauls used for?

What are Cauls used for?

Clamping cauls is like a helping hand regardless of the gluing project you are dealing with. 

Some of the benefits of the cauls are listed below. Showing the uses of Cauls.

Create pressure beyond standard clamps– They are frequently used to apply pressure to a bigger surface where standard clamps may not be effective. 

Keep the panel flat during glue-up– When you glue, the most important thing to remember is to make sure that the panel is flat from all over the surface. For this, the wood cauls do the trick since they create pressure which helps large panels get clamped thoroughly.

Minimize the amount of work– Even if your clamps can create in the middle, assuming the panels are not that big. In spite of this, you can still minimize the amount of work by using cauls since they create more pressure and require a few clamps.

Keep the panels aligned– During a panel glue-up, cauls are often used to keep the boards aligned, since it is important to keep the panels steady during the process. A little movement can ruin the process and you will need to restart from the beginning again. A situation you do not want to occur.

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