Where To Sell Woodworking Projects For The Most Money

For many woodworking is simply an enjoyable hobby but there are some of us who would be interested in selling some of the projects we create. The questions that often comes up is Where To Sell Woodworking Projects? In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the places both on the internet and off the internet where you can sell your woodworking creations.

Where To Sell Woodworking Project Online

Etsy –  With over 54million registered users, (2017 statistics) Etsy is one of the best places to where to sell your projects. They have over 1.7 million sellers and in 2016 over 28 million buyers purchased something on Etsy in 2017. The one thing you need to keep in mind is the seller’s fees you will incur once you sell something. It’s fairly cheap to list a product (only .20 for a 4-month listing) but once you sell it you will be charged 3.5% of the sales price and then another 3.25% as a payment processing fee, that a total of 6.75%.

You need to make sure you account for those fees in your pricing so you don’t lose money. Keep in mind however that accounting for those fees might make your product more expensive than your competitors. Do the math and find the sweet spot for pricing your woodworking projects.

Don’t ignore Etsy as a place where you can sell woodworking projects because of the fees. You are getting tons of exposure for a relatively low price and those eyeballs are looking for handmade items to buy.

eBay – eBay also has a huge market presence with millions of subscribers and visitors. It has hundreds of categories but where I think woodworkers will find the most success is in the home decor category. If you are making wood projects that can be used for home decoration then you have a very good chance of selling if your items. They do have to be priced right and well made.

Fees on eBay are more than Etsy. eBay charges 10% of the selling price plus whatever your payment processor charges you typically about 3.25%.

Amazon – Probably the largest selling platform in the word Amazon can be a very good solution for woodworkers. Amazon has a category called “Handmade” that might be the perfect category for woodworkers to list their projects. Selling fees on Amazon can be a bit complicated. Rather than go over all the variable visit the Amazon fee schedule page for additional information.

Facebook Marketplace – Though maybe not as effective as Etsy or Amazon selling your woodworking projects on the Facebook Marketplace might yield some results. The one thing to keep in mind is that most people who visit their local  Facebook Marketplace are looking for bargains. If your woodworking projects are custom projects chances are they are not going to be cheap. You might still consider advertising your woodworking services which in turn can lead to commissioned work.

Craigslist – Just like the Facebook Marketplace Craiglist is also a place for bargain hunters. Simple to add a listing and free. But it does come with its concerns regarding security. If you do post your projects on Craigslist for sale and you get a buyer just be careful when you do meet them to consummate the transaction. Take someone with you as an added precaution.

Your Own Website – Building your own website has many advantages as well as several disadvantages too. You can add as many wood project and images as you like with paying an insertion fee. Once you sell something the profits are all yours, other than credit card processing fees. There are many website building and shopping carts you can use to build your shop. Shopify is a very popular shopping cart and you can also use WordPress with WooCommerce.

The biggest challenge is driving traffic to your website in order to make sales. You can opt for paid traffic or optimize your website for organic traffic and or both. But it will take time to build an audience. There are quite a lot of things you need to think about if you go this route, but done correctly it can make a big positive difference in your profits.

Sell Your Projects Offline

where to sell woodworking projectsDirect Sales – Selling face-to-face is not for everyone. But if you are comfortable with it go for it. Create flyers and handout out to friends, neighbors, and anyone you come across. Strike up a conversation about your services with people you come across.

Craft Shows – There are craft shows where you can rent a space to sell your woodworking projects and/or woodworking services. Look in the local paper, ask your local Chamber of Commerce, Google craft shows in your area. The cost of the space varies widely and is usually in line with how many people they expect at the show. You can make sales at craft shows as well as expose your services to new people.

Garage Sales – Have a garage sale and sell your projects. People who visit garage sales are looking for bargains but if you are priced right you might make some sales.

Consignment Stores – Consignment stores, especially those that offer lots of home decor and accessories could be a good place to sell your woodworking projects. You will pay a commission to the store but other than that the remainder is profits.


There are several places to sell your woodworking project. Some will work better than others for you. Many woodworkers use several outlets to sell. For example, I intend to use Etsy, my own website, and craft shows. Find what works best for you, your budget, and your wood projects. Above all have fun, create value, and be patient.

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