Will lowes cut wood for you? (Solved)


Use this guide to learn whether or not your local Lowes store will cut wood for you- desired cuts, and also learn their policies regards to make cuts for one customer.

If you buy lumber, plywood, OSB, from lowes store.

The answer is yes, they will cut it for you (straight cuts only, no angled cuts). For fine work, though, they will not be as precise as you might need. 

There may be a few free cuts depending on the price of the product. However, additional cuts will be charged. Otherwise, they have the right to not cut any piece shorten than 12inches.

When it comes to the blades being old and dull, precision in cutting and charges for extra cuts. Mind that the factors depend on the locations some are better and some are worse; so it’s your luck.

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Will lowes cut wood for their customers?

Yes. The lowes stores offer cutting services to all their customers, regular or new customers both get the same offer.

If you ask for additional cuts. Expect to pay some reasonable amount for each extra cut, the amount can be varied but it should be somewhere close to or above $0.50. This is only when you ask them to make desired cuts or any angle cuts that you need for your projects.

  • Normally, all lowes’ cutting offers are only to aid their customers. It’s easier to carry small size-lumbers than large ones. So they can easily load lumber into their vehicle to take them to their home. 
  • Remember that, the service does not include obeying your demands such as making cuts that you need for your projects. 

Lowes offers cutting multiple items.

Not just wood, plywood, but also plastic pipes, chains, as well threading are included in their services. Free of cost or paid, this depends on the efforts needed for cutting your lumbers.

Lowes’s policies of cutting woods.

  • When purchasing from lowes, expect to get some free cuts and the workers will also help you load your timbers.
  • Lowes will not cut lumbers that you bring in and are purchased from other stores.
  • For large lumber, the ideal pieces lowes will cut are 4 by 3.
  • Don’t expect to have angle cuts or any precision cuttings. 
  • Expect to have some inaccuracy in their cuts because of the fact the operator is not a professional. 

Number of free woodcuts

The first few cuts are offered for free as per the lowes policies. Maybe, 2-3 cuts are the number you can expect to get without any cost.

  • Mind that, there is no specific number of free cuts is publically available. Instead, lowes will cut your wood for free as long as you can easily take the pieces to your home. 

Quality of the woodcuts

Remember that saws at lowes store are not maintained very well. They keep rough-cut blades on them that are not meant to make smooth cuts. 

In other words, you should not rely on that saw to do the bulk of your project up for you, but rather to cut lumber so that it can fit into your car. 

Also, the sign-up promises cuts that are accurate to about half an inch. The distance between two woodworking projects might as well be a mile when you’re trying to fit them together.

Will lowes make desired woodcuts?

No. Lowes does not have any policy that speaks for that the customers will get desired cuts. However, there is no legal forum against it. So it depends on the type of cuts and the amount of time and effort it will require to accomplish.

It is sometimes easy for the workers to make the desired cuts. Hence, if your needs are simple- if you are a regular customer, you have established a good reputation among the workers- they will not hesitate to meet your demands. Therefore, you are more likely to receive free services.

Will lowes cut wood that is not purchased from their store?

No. lowes does not offer cutting wood that is not purchased from their store. You’re not advised to bring your lumbers to your local lowes store. As lowes store is for selling items, not a carpentry workshop where you can get this kinda stuff get done.

Author’s remarks-

If you’re going to purchase lumbers of plywoods from the lowes store located in your area. And you’re confused about their services regarding woodcutting. 

Then you are better off asking the employees working in there that whether or not the store has tools for cutting- or are they in the good health? As the cutting service is not available in all the lowes stores.

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