Ideal Wood for Outdoor Decor and Furniture

Ideal Wood for Outdoor Decor and Furniture

There are various types of woods used for various woodworking projects. Each type of wood is used for a specific task depending on its properties. Most woodworking experts are faced with the challenge of deciding what type of wood to use for making outdoor décor and furniture. Luckily, this piece will enlighten you on the same. So What Wood to Use on Your Outdoor Project?

Continue reading to be enlightened on the ideal wood to use for making outdoor décor and furniture. 

Why Use Wood for Making Outdoor Décor and Furniture?

Compared to other types of material, wood is mainly used for making outdoor décor and furniture. Below are some of the reasons behind it:


Generally, wood is a very robust material. In most instances, wood is capable of withstanding wear and tear for an elongated period with minimal maintenance required. This makes wood suitable for making outdoor woodworking projects as it can withstand harsh and adverse weather conditions.


As a woodworker, one of the essential aspects that you should consider is the overall outlook of your end products. Whether you opt for light fir or classic red cedar for your outdoor décor or furniture, wood is the way to go. The elegant appearance of wood products is the reason behind their popularity.

Additionally, wood is an extraordinarily diverse material for building due to its wide array of textures and colors. While working with some types of wood, there is no need for painting and finishes due to the elegant outlook.


Although most people do not consider the use of wood as eco-friendly it is. The use of wood for outdoor projects helps conserve the environment as they are decomposable, unlike other materials such as metal and plastics. Additionally, you could plant a tree when you cut one.

Easily Accessible

You could easily access wood when you need one for your outdoor woodworking projects, and you can use wood from your local area for making outdoor décor and furniture.

The Suitable Wood for Outdoor Décor and Furniture

If you are undecided on the type of wood to use for making outdoor décor and furniture, the following are some of the wood options that you could choose from:


Cypress is a popular wood used for a wide array of outdoor woodworking projects due to its durable and robust properties. Projects built using cypress are hard to break and usually last for an extended period. Additionally, it does not corrode easily even when exposed to a moist environment. 

Cypress wood is long-lasting, stable, and resistant to both rot and water, making it ideal for heavy construction and building. Other suitable uses of cypress wood include the making of caskets, bridges, piers, boats, sashes, doors, sashes, posts, stadium seats, railroad ties, cooperage, and many more.


One of the properties that make cedarwood ideal for a vast array of outdoor woodworking projects is that it’s rot-resistant and lightweight. Due to its high moisture retention, cedar tends not to crack easily. Thus it’s able to last for a more extended period.

Due to its elegant appearance, cedar is also used in most woodworking tasks such as siding, decking, fencing, trim, and many more.


Acacia is an outstanding and sustainable piece of wood. It’s easily accessible as it grows so well in most regions in the world. Acacia is much dense, and that’s the reason why it’s widely used for various woodworking projects. Additionally, it can withstand harsh climatic conditions for a longer time.

Due to its rigid properties, acacia can also be used to make beams and outdoor construction, including the building of pergolas.


Mahogany is of high value compared to other wood types and is mainly used in high-end outdoor woodworking projects. It comes in a wide array of colors and can withstand harsh conditions, thus making it ideal for making outdoor décor and furniture.

The main drawback of using Mahogany is that it needs regular attention to retain its natural color.

Additionally, Mahogany is considered one of the most durable types of wood and is suitable for fittings and furniture around your living room. Mahogany is popularly used for flooring veneers, furniture joinery, and for making musical instruments.


Redwood is one of the popular wood types that is used for outdoor woodworking projects, although it tends to be costly. It takes a long period to grow, and that’s the reason why it’s often sold at a higher price as compared to other types of wood. 

It is mostly used in construction lumber, veneer, posts, beams, outdoor furniture, trim, and decking. Other forms of Redwood, such as burls, are used to make musical instruments, turning, and other minor specialty items.


Teak is considered one of the most valued wood types globally. It’s mostly grown in the southeastern side of Asia and is shipped to other parts of the world. Its ability to withstand a wide array of weather conditions is the reason why it is popularly used for various outdoor woodworking projects.

Its ability to withstand tear is the reason why it’s widely used for high-end outdoor projects. It’s much resilient to water damage making it ideal for the making of boats. It does not split or warp easily. 

White Oak

White oak is an excellent option for woodworkers who reside in wet climates. In most instances, white oak is used for making ships. It’s not easily accessible, and that’s why it’s sold at a higher price as compared to other types of wood.

Its robust features guarantee a lifelong service. Workpieces made of white oak can be able to withstand harsh and adverse climatic conditions.

White oak is mostly used for joinery, furniture, paneling, flooring, veneers, and decking.

Bottom Line

If you have no idea the type of wood to use on your outdoor décor and furniture, the above types of wood are worth trying. You will get value for your money and lifelong satisfaction from the use of the workpieces built with this type of wood.


The ideal wood for outdoor projects

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The ideal wood for outdoor décor and furniture

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