Dewalt DCS391 vs. DCS391B: Which is Better for You?

Today, I’m diving into the world of circular saws to help you decide between two popular models from Dewalt: the DCS391 and the DCS391B. I know how important it is to have the right tools in your arsenal, so let’s break down the differences and figure out which one suits your needs best.

let’s break it down in a neat comparison table:

Battery and ChargerNot included; bare toolNot included; bare tool
Motor Power5150 RPM5150 RPM
Build QualityMagnesium shoe for durabilityMagnesium shoe for durability
PriceTypically lower upfront costTypically lower upfront cost
Additional FeaturesBrake and depth adjustment leverBrake and depth adjustment lever
PortabilityAbout 7 poundsAbout 7.6 pounds
User FeedbackPraises for smooth cuts and battery lifePositive reviews for performance
Warranty3-year limited warranty3-year limited warranty

1. The Battery Conundrum: DCS391 vs. DCS391B

First things first, let’s tackle the battery situation.

DCS391: This model comes with a 6.5-inch circular saw blade but doesn’t include a battery or charger. It’s part of Dewalt’s “bare tool” lineup, which is excellent if you already have Dewalt 20V Max batteries and a charger lying around. This means you can save some bucks if you’re already invested in the Dewalt ecosystem.

DCS391B: Now, the ‘B’ in DCS391B stands for “Bare Tool,” which means it doesn’t include a battery or charger either. Yep, same as the DCS391. So, in terms of batteries, these two models are neck and neck.

2. Performance: Cutting Through the Noise

When it comes to circular saws, performance is the name of the game.

DCS391: This bad boy offers a powerful 5150 RPM motor, which is great for slicing through all sorts of materials like butter. If you’re planning on tackling larger projects or hardwoods, this one might be your best buddy.

DCS391B: Surprise, surprise, the DCS391B shares the same 5150 RPM motor as its sibling. So, no difference here in terms of cutting power. It’s all about that RPM, baby!

3. The Build Quality: Durability Matters

We don’t want our tools falling apart mid-project, right?

DCS391: The DCS391 boasts a lightweight and sturdy magnesium shoe that can withstand some serious abuse. It’s built to last and is designed for comfort during extended use. So, if you’re looking for durability, this one’s a champ.

DCS391B: Well, well, well, the DCS391B doesn’t fall behind in the build quality department either. It rocks that same tough magnesium shoe, ensuring it can handle whatever you throw at it.

4. The Price Tag: Let’s Talk Dollars and Cents

We all have a budget to consider, right?

DCS391: Since it doesn’t include a battery or charger, the DCS391 is usually a bit more affordable upfront. But remember, you’ll need to invest in those separately if you don’t already have them.

DCS391B: Just like its sibling, the DCS391B is priced reasonably since it’s also a bare tool. You might find some deals or bundles that include batteries and a charger, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

5. Additional Features: Let’s Get Technical

There are a couple of minor differences worth noting.

DCS391: This model comes with a brake that stops the blade quickly once you release the trigger. It’s a handy safety feature, especially if you’re working on projects that require frequent starts and stops. Plus, it has a depth adjustment lever that’s easy to use, allowing you to make quick and precise depth changes.

DCS391B: Surprise, surprise, the DCS391B also has the blade brake and depth adjustment lever. So, no winner in this category. Both are equally equipped with these nifty features.

6. Portability: Ease of Lugging Around

When you’re on the move, you want your tools to be as portable as possible.

DCS391: This model weighs around 7 pounds, making it relatively lightweight and easy to carry to different job sites. It won’t weigh you down, which is perfect for those who need to be on the move frequently.

DCS391B: Not to be outdone, the DCS391B weighs about the same, around 7.6 pounds. While it’s slightly heavier, the difference is minimal, and both saws are still quite portable.

7. User Feedback: Real-World Experiences Matter

What do people who have actually used these saws have to say?

DCS391: Users have praised the DCS391 for its smooth cuts and impressive battery life. Many appreciate the option to buy it as a bare tool, as it allows them to expand their Dewalt collection without breaking the bank.

DCS391B: Similarly, the DCS391B has garnered positive reviews for its performance and build quality. Users love its compatibility with Dewalt batteries and chargers, making it a seamless addition to their toolset.

8. Warranty: Peace of Mind Matters

Don’t forget to consider the warranty.

DCS391: Dewalt typically offers a 3-year limited warranty on their tools, including the DCS391. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, giving you peace of mind.

DCS391B: You guessed it, the DCS391B comes with the same 3-year limited warranty. So, in terms of warranty, both models have you covered.

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