1×10  lumber actual size

The actual size of 1 x 10  lumber is around 3/4″ x 9 1/4 inches (19 x 234.95mm). Definitely, it’s smaller than the nominal size but is the true size. However, despite the nominal size being incorrect, it is still referred to as 1-by-10 lumber in hardware stores due to the standard of measurement.

Home Depot and other local hardware stores sell 1×10 lumber that has smoothed and planned edges. So, Even though the measurement of 1×10 lumber seems inaccurate, which is 3/4 x 9 ¼ when you measure using a tape, technically it is correct.

The length of a 1×10  board remains the same regardless of whether it is nominal or actual. For example, if the nominal length of 1×10  is 10 feet, the actual length will be 10 feet.

Similarly, if the nominal length is 10 feet then the actual length would be 10 feet, and so a 12 feet length board will actually be 12 feet long, the same as the nominal length.

However, it’s better to do some quick measurements to find out the exact length.

1×10  lumber dimensions (Actual vs Nominal)

1×10  lumberNominal size in inches Actual size in inches
Width1 Width3/4
Height 10 length9 1/4
1×10  LumberNominal size in mmActual size in mm
Height 254234.95
Different sizes of lumbers their actual size

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