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Is oak wood more expensive than others? (Here’s what to know)

The price of oak wood may be higher than most woods because it is classified as hardwood; however, oak is one of the least expensive hardwoods. Because the reason is that, oak has a very large supply, so despite the fact that it grows very slowly, there is enough of it to satisfy the needs of all the buyers of oak at the moment.

  • A cubic meter of Oak wood costs between $1505 and $2520 ($43 to $72 per cubic foot). In addition, kiln drying adds another 10% to this price.

Since there are two main types of oakwood: 

  • red oak wood and 
  • white oak wood. 

Their selling prices are also different. 

Red oak wood lumbers usually cost around $5 whereas white oak wood can cost you a few more cents. It may be $5.8 or something.

What makes oak wood expensive

  • Oak trees since are hardwood, typically take between 40 and 55 years to reach their acorn-producing stage, so it’s harder to produce more timbers.
  • Additionally, oak trees are shortened in length since they don’t grow into big trees naturally, which means it requires more land and care per pound of wood.
  • Oak wood is very dense, making it difficult to cut. Some expansive cutting tools are required to cut the wood, and a lot of expansive in fleeing the tools and maintaining them also is a reason to count in.
  • Oakwood is also high in tannin, which makes it resistant to pests and fungal infections. This makes many woodworkers prefer oak to some other kinds of wood rising demand

Oakwood vs other hardwood prices

Comparing oakwood prices pound-to-pound with other hardwoods such as maple, walnut, and cheery, you will find that oak wood is actually cheap.

Many online stores sell Red oakwood 1 in. x 2 in. x 3 ft for $5 to $8. Whereas the cost for which the stores sell maple, oak, and walnut lumbers of the same dimension are $7 to $12. 

In conclusion:

Furniture made out of oakwood will cost you less money than made of maple, or walnut. While pine wood furniture is a cheaper option for you if you can sacrifice some of the quality aspects for your build.

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