Does Menards Cut Wood for you?

Does Menards Cut Wood for you?

The following blog post will tell you does Menards stores cut wood for their customers, and about their cutting policies.

Menards is a branch of home improvement stores. Different stores sell various things such as pets, tools, groceries, and wood and plywood at decent prices. 

If you are going to buy wood from your local Menard store, then before that you should inquire whether or not they will cut the wood or not, or buying from Home Depot or Lowes is the better option for you. Let’s find out.

Does Menards Cut Wood? 

Menards home improvement store exterior

Many Menards stores keep cutting tools such as table saws, miter saws, in their stores. But such tools are not given priority, so make sure the store in your area has this useful equipment. 

  • If you want to purchase a large piece of timber, then the answer is Yes. Many Menards stores will wood to sizes for their customers, only convenience cuts to help the customers load the wood in their vehicles.
  • However, as mentioned they sell various products. So it’s possible that some Menards stores don’t have tools available for cutting. Mainly the stores where the number of selling wood is low. 

It is, therefore, unprofitable to keep high-budget tools in that store with almost no use.  

Note that: Menards stores don’t usually cut plywoods to sizes for some safety measurements. However, you can shop almost every size of plywood at reasonable prices.  

Menard’s charges for cutting

About the cutting prices of Menard, there is no information officially available. I.e., how many cuts should a customer have for free? Or how much should customers pay to cut their wood themselves? 

These are unknown unless you ask directly from your nearby Menards store.

So, wood cutting charges are different for each store, it depends on the type of wood, length, thickness, and the variety of cuts you need.

I’ve been to many Menards stores in my life. I can say the price for a cut is different for each store. 

Based on what I’ve experienced in Menard’s stores is that.

  • If you purchase wood from them, They’ll give you a few free cuts, then charge you for any extra cuts you need after that.
  • If you only want the wood you bought from other stores cut, be mindful of the possibility of being refused by the stores. Nevertheless, if you’re lucky enough, here’s what you should know.
  • Many stores charge $1 for each cut.
  • Some may increase that to $2.
  • Some stores charge $3 for cuts. (Precise or special cuts)
  • Others won’t charge anything at all.

How long can Menards cut the wood?

The size of cutting also varies from store to store. The Menards can cut wood boards of the sizes 2×4, 2×6, and 2×8. 

  • Usually they only cut wood boards up to eight to ten inches long. Anything longer than that is something they’re unable to do. Because of the lack of tools.
  • Their equipment isn’t suitable for cutting anything thicker than that.
  • You can ask them to cut custom measurements.
  • Their equipment will determine whether they can cut those measurements or not.

Types of wood Menards will cut.

Background of stacked, natural hardwood planks

Menards can cut any kind of wood except plywood because it already offers lots of different sizes.

Some common types of wood that Menards cuts include the following:

  • Treated wood
  • Cedarwood
  • Plastic lumber
  • Pine boards
  • Hardwood lumber and boards

Menards doesn’t cut plywood because it already offers lots of different sizes.

Menards cutting policies

  • Menards only offer simple and basic cuts to their customers. Just to help when the piece of lumber doesn’t fit inside of your car or truck.
  • First some cuts are for free, but expect to pay extra for any special cuts.
  • They don’t make angle or miter cuts.
  • Plywoods will not be cut as they emit toxicity. However, some stores may cut to sizes.
  • It’s possible that the employee makes too long of a cut.

Preparation before purchasing wood from Menards.

  • You should measure the space in your car or truck to make sure you can bring the lumber home. The pre measurement will help you determine the size of wood you can fit inside of it.
  • You may need another method to transport the wood to the project site if the wood is too long. At menards you can rent them.

Will Menards Cut Wood be purchased From A Different Store?

Back view of unknown man construction worker

Menards will cut wood from a different store. But You’ll likely have to pay a fee for this service.

  • Most of the Menard stores don’t cut wood purchased from a different store, if they agree to cut you will notice their charges per cut will be too high. In the end, you’ll need to take the lumber back to the original store or buy a tool to make the cuts for yourself.

Does Menard make good cuts?

African-american father and son doing renovation

Since such stores are for selling not a lumberyard or something specially offering woodworking services. Therefore, It’s difficult to get some quality cuts made from stores like Menards, or even Home Depot and lowes. 

Following are the reasons why I think Menards don’t make good cuts.

  • The store hires employees without experience in wood cutting. Meaning that, they are not professionals. However, sometimes you can get good cuts.
  • Their equipment also plays a role in the accuracy of their cuts. Which are not well-maintained. You will find blades are rough, and the overall performance of the tools is low. 
  • There is no time for saw blade sharpening at Menards because workers often have other responsibilities. This can result in rough cuts.

The best options for getting a smooth cut are to do it yourself or hire a professional.

It is a good idea to talk with a Menards employee to receive an accurate cut on your wood. 

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