Best Portable Table Saw(s)

best portable table saw for woodworking

Purchase the very best portable table saws in 2023.

Our picked table saws are equally useful for both- DIYers or professional woodworkers. Roll down to see what we’ve picked for you.

Portable table saws can use both rip and cross cuts, as well as miter cuts, on even the heaviest workpiece. And it’s versatile enough to make bevel and dado cuts.

Their wheeled stands enable them to be transported easily from place to place, yet they can do so much.

There are many options when it comes to portable table saws, including small and medium-sized ones, to pick the right one- it’s not an easy job at all.

Our top recommended portable table saws for everyone.

  • BOSCH POWER TOOLS 4100-10 table saw
  • SawStop 10-Inch Jobsite Saw Pro 

We outlined the critical features of the table saws below, including the pros and cons of each. All of that information is based on reliable sources as is usually the case with our very best picks.

BOSCH POWER TOOLS 4100-10- Best portable table saw for wood working

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10

Key features

  • Its 15-amp motor and 3,650 rpm can cut fine wood and rough materials with this table saw.
  • Size: 37.7″ D x 29.4″ W x 19.4″ H | Product Weight: 110 lb.
  • The large cast aluminum top provides more workspace and rip capacity.
  • It minimizes the risk of tripping a circuit breaker when the motor starts up with a soft start circuitry.
  • Constant Response; maintains speed under load.


It’s super Powered by a 15-amp motor, this 10-inch table saw offers ruggedness only a few can match it up, plenty of ability to make these tables. The rugged and portable power tool allows you to cut rips, cross-cuts, and do other tasks around the garage, or at the Jobsite.

Continuous-Response circuitry keeps the tool moving at a constant speed even under load and protects it from overload.

Designed to protect you, this tool comes with an anti-kickback device, blade guard, and a riving knife. Plus, it has an interior miter measure that will make precision work attainable.

Despite it being heavy, the tubular steel stand does not wobble when you load on large pieces. However, the angled feet are some of the stand’s weak spots.


  • A rubber-composite tire weighs more than the ones found on other saws.
  • There is an anti-recoil system that softly starts the gun.
  • It is easier to access the accessories because they are stored on the underside of the tool.
  • The riving knife can be modified freely on the workpiece.
  • To avert overloading, this table saw uses a constant-response chip.


  • The fence lengths on DeWalt and Metabo HPT table saws are shorter than those of other companies.
  • The angles aren’t as strong as other portable saws you can buy on the market.

SawStop 10-Inch Jobsite Saw Pro- Best portable table table saw for woodworking

 SAWSTOP 10-Inch Jobsite Saw Pro with Mobile Cart Assembly, 1.5-HP, 12A, 120V, 60Hz (JSS-120A60)

Key features

  • PATENTED SAFETY SYSTEM: Stops a spinning blade on skin contact in less than 5 milliseconds. The blade drops below the table and minimizes a potentially life-changing injury to a mere scratch.
  • With a 24 5/8 inch table depth, the machine will cut larger workpieces with better precision and protection. There is also a dust collector.
  • It constantly checks all systems to make sure they are working reliably to keep you safe.
  • This Jobsite Saw T-Style Fence grips tightly and Increases the On-Demand shelf for continued support. Cutting thin materials with the wider fence face and low fence for greater safety.
  • PORTABILITY: A simple, intuitive foot pedal allows you to extend the cart to use it and collapse it for transport.


This portable table saw features the patented Blade Safety System, which makes your job easier and safer. The JSS-120A60 is an ideal choice for job site use.

Injuries are minimized as the blade drops into the work surface once it stops spinning. Among a few manufacturers, Sawstop was one of the first to implement this safety measure in power tools.

Talking about its immense cutting ability, It can cut material as thick as 14 gauge and tougher with ease and accuracy. Rip capacity is 25 1/2 inches. Maximal cutting depth is 3 1/8′′ at 90o, and 2 1/8′′ at 45o. That is perfect for smaller materials.

Besides the foam grip of the handle, this rolling stand includes a miter gauge, blade guard, riving knife, push stick, and brake cartridge. It has included various hex cores and a tool pack.


  • There are power indicator lights on it.
  • A tool storage area is located on the right corner of the table saw.
  • You can travel with it on any terrain with its strong base and sturdy 8” wheels.
  • Cord length is 9 feet.
  • It has a dust exhaust port so the work area stays cleaner.


  • There is a maximum rip capacity of only 25.5 which is somewhat smaller than the capacity of other portable saws available.

SKILSAW SPT 99-11 10″ HEAVY-DUTY TABLE SAW- Best portable saw for beginners

SKILSAW SPT99-11 10 Inch

Key features

  • This machine has a maximum rip capacity of 30 1/2 inches and a 5.1-inch depth of cut.
  • A quick and smooth fence adjustment system makes fence adjustments quick and easy.
  • Standing on 16-inch wheels with easy-load handles, the Rugged rolling stand delivers unmatched mobility
  • Debris only collects in one spot until it is removed.
  • One person can perform larger cuts with the outfeed and left support.


When you work in some of the harshest construction sites in the country, you need a table saw that can easily cross difficult terrains, at that moment this model,” SKILSAW SPT99-11” 10′′ Highly Heavy Duty Portable Table Saw is your ideal solution.

With its powerful motor and sturdy base, this portable table saw will stand up to even the toughest job sites. You also get a powerful engine and a durable blade with 24-tooth carbide edges, which makes fast cuts with less effort, precise crosscuts, and more.

It is capable of ripping 30 1/2 inches and has a rack-and-pinion mechanism that enables easy adjustment. The maximum cutting depth is 2 3/10 inches at a 45-degree angle, and 3 5/8 inches when set at a 90-degree angle.

These tools include a counterbalance device miter measure, push stick, and dust angle. It also includes an insert plate, wrench, and dust elbow. The table is made of lightweight aluminum so make sure not to overload it.


  • Offers improved heat dissipation, durability, and torque.
  • These durable wheels allow you to transport this portable table saw in even the toughest terrain.
  • It features a 30-1/2 rip capacity and is easy to use with a rack-and-pinion system.
  • Unlike other rolling stands, this one does not wobble at all and has a solid handle.


  • You cannot move it as easily as a portable table saw.
  • You’ll have a hard time finding replacement parts with this saw.

DEWALT DWE7491RS- Best portable saw for wood working

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw

Key features


  • Max Rip To Left of Blade – 22”
  • Max Rip To Right of Blade –
  • 32-1/2” | Max Width of Dado –
  • 13/16” | Arbor Size – 5/8” | Amps –
  • 15 | Depth of cut at 45° –
  • 2-1/4” | Depth of cut at 90° –
  • 3-1/8” | No Load Speed: 4800 RPM
  • Included in this package product, you’ll receive the following: The tables saws, 10-inch carbide blades, Blade Guard assembly manual, Blade wrenches, rip fence, miter gauge rolling stand, and DW3219PT 10-Inch crosscut cutting saw blade.
  • The dimensions of the item are 31″ wide x 24.5″ high x 31″ long.
  • The stand is designed to be easy to set up and take down and offers good stability.
  • High torque motor with 15.0A of power and the power to get through pressure-treated lumber and stern wood material.


With a strong 10′′ blade and a 15 amp motor, this 10-amp portable table saw is capable of ripping, crosscutting, or composing inclination or miter cuts with ease.s.

Combining a powerful motor with an ultra-sharp, durable blade result in a machine that can shave stock like slicing a banana with a knife. It’s that simple and comfortable with the Dwelt Portable Saw.

When set at 90°, it will cut 3 1/8” deep. Set it at 45° and it will cut 2 1/4,” giving you plenty of cutting room. It also has a wide rip capacity to cope with longer boards.

There is a 22′′ distance between the blade and the left side, while the maximum length of rips between the blade and the right side is 32 1/2′′.

It may be helpful to have someone help you load the item onto your pickup truck, however you can move it between rooms or from an indoor location to an outdoor location on your own.

This corded power tool weighs 90 lbs. Although it is kind of heavy, the presence of the rolling stand makes this Jobsite table saw one of the most portable tools on the list.

This table saw also includes (a two-blade wrench, a blade guard assembly, a miter gauge, and a push stick along with the carbide blade and occasional rip fence).


  • You don’t need to worry about it wobbling while you are using it.
  • With a longer rip capacity, this portable table saw for job sites is ideal.
  • Due to their sturdy wheels, they can be easily transported from one place to another.
  • The Dual dust extraction ports keep the workspace clean.
  • Clean and safe work area with onboard storage.


  • Other portable table saws are lighter than this one.
  • Dust bags are not included, so you have to use machines such as shop vacuum or dust extractors to remove dust, which costs additional costs and results in a little pain.
  • This saw may be quite challenging to transport.



Key features

  • The 10-Inch Table Saw with Stand has a 5-Piece Design.
  • This product includes items: One portable Table saw 10, Carbide-Tipped Blades, a Blade Guard, Wrenches, Kickback, a Rip Fence Assembly, and several other types of equipment.
  • MACHINE: Equipped with a powerful 15, 25, and 30 amp motor for tough cutting tasks. Table Material: Aluminum.
  • The range of BEVELS is 0° to 45°: for cuts up to 3-1/8 In. (45°).
  • Tabletop measures approximately 28-3/4″ x 22″ and is supported at the outfeed by a 28-3/4″ x 2″ timber framework providing stable and easy material handling.


Whether you’re a contractor or a regular DIYer who uses portable power tools for the job site, the Metabo HPT C10RJS Jobsite Table Saw is a great piece of equipment to equip with.

The big, heavy, and rugged nature of this power tool are apparent at first look. It can withstand the rigors of any garage, move it wherever you wish to work for your project.

Cutting even the toughest hardwoods with this table saw seems easy with its powerful fifteen-amp motor, which gives it a speed of 4,500 RPM. Which is not less than any similar tool available on the market, to be honest, the 4,500 RPM is considered an above-average rate.

The trigger at the front makes it easy to pull the trigger without setting off the recoil. A soft-start system is included to soften the shock of the first pull. It’s a great experience to work in tight places, the noise reduction seems to be appreciated there.

No worries since the power switch can also be locked to prevent your child from touching the switch and turning the electric brake on by accident. By pushing the red switch to enable the electrical breaks when you’re not at home.

Despite having a heavyweight on its folding legs, this saw’s legs are designed to stay put, regardless of the weight or how wide the piece is. The rubber pad on each of its legs gives it a strong foundation and secures it to the floor.

Taking into account accessories carry a blade guard, pair of anti-kickback pawls, one push stick, and a miter measure. All are enwrapped in the packages underneath.

In addition to that, a couple of apparatus will be there already, such as a 40-tooth carbide edge, the blade pulls, and hex rod wrench; All in a variety of sizes and shapes.


  • The Blade; the rip fence has an enlargement of up to 35′′.
  • Its rubber base adds extra stability to the folding legs.
  • Portable Table Saws are limited in their size so this makes them one of the most compact ones available.
  • Power buttons can be electrically locked so they are out of your child’s reach. Safety matters.
  • This saw has additional four-inch space at the back for the bigger pieces.


  • Despite the weight, it’s one of the lightest portable table saws on our list. If you’re going to roll it on a stand, it shouldn’t be as heavy as it appears, but loading it onto a pickup is going to pose some challenges.
  • Repairing can be problematic sometimes since it is difficult to find replacement parts.

Portable table saw’s parts.

Here are the listed few main components of the portable saws, know how they differ in structure from other types of table saws.

  • Motor: The saws are powered by directly driving the blade with a motor that operates on a standard three-phase 60-amp 120-volt home circuit.
  • Blades: Most Jobsite table saws come with bundles of blades, in this blog we’ve listed a 10” blade’s saw, perfect for many woodworkers.
  • Rip fence: With smaller saws, the efficiency of the fence’s system can have a greater impact on performing a detailed cut.
  • Miter gauge: with the help of this, a material can be pushed past the blade at up to 45 degrees.
  • Stand: Portable saws are supposed to be used on a table or benchtop rather than on a stand, although to fulfill your desire you can purchase separate stands to stand the saw over it.
  • Extension wings: A saw with extendable wings allows the saw to cut large plywood sheets and larger wide stock

How to pick the best portable table saw?- Buying Guide

It can be difficult to decide what portable saw you should get. There is a wide range of portable saws available on the market and with many different advantages and disadvantages as well. You may think it is a perfect choice for your workarounds and at the same time, other people might not be comfortable with it.

Because of this, we have highlighted some important facts to consider before purchasing a portable table saw. With this information, you may make your decision on portable by yourself closer to your needs.

Those factors can affect the performance directly.

High RPM:

If you wish to buy a portable table saw, you will need to choose one with high rotations per minute (RPM). Maximum RPM also lets the fence perform buttery-smooth cuts, and the rips do not show up as randomized edges.

Here is an obvious difference between 4500 and 6500 RPM when it comes to performance. On average, most table saws are powered by 15 amp motors, to be said, most woodworkers use 4500 RPM power saw on their job site.

A lighter weight is better:

Portable saws are highly popular among DIYers for many reasons. Customers prefer lightweight, yet sturdy saws because they work faster and more efficiently than heavier options. Lightweight saws are lighter, so they’re more comfortable to move than heavy saws, which are driven by a person alone.

When choosing lightweight options, you should be aware that stability may be compromised. , it will lead to repeated mistakes, as the table saw could wobble, causing a safety hazard and causing repeated accidents.

This being said, in woodworking, it is always the strength and stability that come first. Do not compromise them while striving towards lighter weights.

Precision and Smoothness:

A portable table saw with a blade that can cut any wood easily is also an essential consideration. Use a portable table saw that is smooth and accurate.

This is why the fence plays a crucial role, they ought to be well attached with a miter gauge for us to be able to achieve maximum accuracy. With a miter gauge attached, the fence can be fixed so that it is secure. Miter gauges also increase the table saw’s accuracy and versatility.

Choose power accordingly

There are usages such as hard- tasks that require high-powered performance. Whereas, lowered power can be effective if you aren’t thinking of challenging such hard tasks, or wish to use it on softwood only.

A motor with 1-2 horsepower can easily cut 2 inches of wood, in general, when looking for the best table saws. A motor with less power won’t do much good.

Additionally, for a thicker wood, it is advisable to choose a table saw that has a higher horsepower, for example, if your primary objective is to work with wood that is nearly 3 inches thick and has a 240-volt motor. You can say, the more the thickness to deal with, the more horse-power.

Safety Features

Portable table saws are indeed among the more dangerous tools that need to be operated with care and attention. Mistakes may lead to serious injury.

As a result, we always take features like anti-kickback pawls and blade tilt very seriously, because they go a long way towards preventing serious accidents, so checking these features for the sake of avoiding accidents is recommended.

Additionally, There are now magnetic switches on portable table saws that ensure the machine doesn’t start on accident. Look for one before buying so that you don’t risk an injury.


It is crucial to take the mobility and convenience of the product into consideration when choosing the best portable table saw. This device should be light, easy to carry, easily fixed, and used efficiently no matter what time of the day or night you need it.

If you have a fixed location in mind for over 90% of your woodworking, then it is important that your table saw is fast and easy to set up and fix in place. Otherwise, when you lack some specific location in mind, look for something more portable and easily moveable.

Drive types:

A portable table saw’s smoothness and efficiency can also be influenced by the drive type available. 3 main types of drive solutions available: Direct driver and Belt driver; Left Tilted Blade

  • Direct drive

The direct-drive method is the process by which the blade is directly connected to the motor, thus generating the maximum power within the blade. Technically, not much power is not lost in this process. In addition to this, vibration and sound production are much lower compared to belt drive technology.

In general, they are less noisy, are the smallest, and are safe. They are also less expensive, so generally speaking, it is a better choice. However, in some situations, the belt drive will be more reliable.

  • Belt drive

As its name implies, the power is transferred via a V-belt and pulley system.

Belt drives cut thicker wood more efficiently due to the much higher torque and power, as well as throwing up much less dust since the motor is mounted far apart from the blade. I would choose a belt drive if I were doing small, straightforward projects. If I was doing a more elaborate project, I would choose a direct drive.

  • Blade Tilt Left

Left blade tilt is often featured prominently on the list of safety features for a table saw. It generates less kickback than the right blade tilt, making the operation much safer than with the right blade tilt. I would prioritize it too.

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