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Delta 22-560 Worth It or Not? (2024)

The DELTA 22-560 12-1/2-Inch Portable Planer is a great tool to have in your workshop. It has an impressive cutting width of 12 1/2 inches, and it can handle wood up to 6mm thick.

The 10″ table size allows you to work on large pieces of wood with ease, while the heavy-duty motor will last long hours without overheating.

This planer was made for professional use, which means that it’s perfect for any job site or home workshop!


  • Manufacturer‎: Delta
  • Part Number‎: 22-560
  • Item Weight‎: 70 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎22 x 16 x 19 inches
  • Item model number‎: 22-560
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‎?: Yes
  • Power Source‎: Corded-electric
  • Item Package Quantity:‎ 1
  • Warranty Description‎: 2 Years

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What Are People Saying About the Delta 22-560 Planer?

Overall, people who have used the Delta 22-560 were happy with their purchase.

They found that it was sturdy and well constructed, yet it still remained light enough to be easily maneuvered.

Many reviewers mentioned that they were impressed by the power of this unit as well as its compact size, which made it easy to carry around the job site.

A few people noted that the planer had a tendency to leave snipe marks on the wood, but this could be easily corrected with a few passes over the board.

One downside that some users found with this model was that it is not possible to change the blades without removing the entire cutter head.

This can be time-consuming and frustrating as the cutter head is tucked tightly inside the unit, and it can be difficult to access.

Other reviewers noted that this planer tends to be loud and that it vibrates a lot, which means that it may not be appropriate for use in residential areas.

Additionally, many people were confused by the instruction manual and found that some of the diagrams were difficult to follow.

Overall, the Delta 22-560 12-1/2 inch portable planer is a well-rated tool that has received mostly positive feedback from users.

It is powerful, portable, and easy to use, but it does have a few drawbacks, such as the loud noise level and the fact that the blades cannot be changed without taking the entire cutter head apart.

If you are looking for a quality, affordable portable planer, the Delta 22-560 may be a good option for you.

Does Anyone Know Anything About These Planers? how Do They Hold Up?

I have owned a Delta 22-560 since I started in the trade.

It is a good planer with no major defects. A common problem with this planer is snipe when running longboards through it. The depth of cut on this planer is 5/64″.

Some remedies for snipe include not feeding too fast or adding hold-downs.

Has Anyone Heard of This Brand of Wood-Shop Tools Before? Is It Good or Bad?

I have only used the Delta planer, but a friend uses a Uni-saw woodworking center and is satisfied with it.

Delta tools are usually reliable and of good quality.

What Are Some Common Uses for The Delta 22-560 Planer?

This planer is ideal for use in a number of applications, including:

  • Smoothing the surface of boards or planks
  • Removing small amounts of material to adjust the size or shape of a board
  • Creating a consistent thickness on wooden boards
  • Restoring old or damaged wood surfaces
  • Preparing wood for staining or painting.

Can I Use the Delta 22-560 Planer to Plane Metal?

No, the Delta 22-560 planer is designed for use on wood only and should not be used to plane metal. Attempting to do so may result in damage to the tool.

What Are Some Tips for Using the Delta 22-560 Planer?

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your Delta 22-560 12-1/2 inch portable planer:

  • Be sure to always secure the board you are planning in place with clamps or a vise to avoid any movement while you are working.
  • Start with a light touch, especially when planing the first time over a board. You can always increase the pressure as needed.
  • If the planer is leaving snipe marks on the wood, try running it over the board in the opposite direction.
  • Make sure to keep the blades sharp by using a sharpening stone occasionally. Dull blades can cause the planer to work harder and may result in poor results.
  • Always unplug the planer when not in use.

This Delta 22-560 planer is a powerful yet compact tool that is perfect for use on-site or in the workshop.

It works quickly to smooth the surface of a board and is a good option for removing small amounts of material in order to adjust its size or shape.

It can also be used to restore old or damaged wood surfaces and is a good choice if you want an affordable, quality tool for your workshop.

Unlike some other portable planers on the market, the Delta 22-560 planer is easy to use and doesn’t require any complicated setup or assembly.

It can help you smooth and shape wood quickly and easily for a variety of different projects, and its lightweight design makes it easy to move around.

If you’re looking for a powerful yet affordable planer for your workshop, the Delta 22-560 planer might be a good option to consider.


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