Properties of oak wood (Explained)

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Color: Oakwood comes in a wide variety of colors, from light beige to brown and red. The color of white oak wood is light brown, while the color of red oak wood is pinkish and reddish. As oakwood ages and is exposed to oxygen and ultraviolet light, it may darken slightly. Oakwood has a random texture and straight grain.

Hardness: Hardness is a measure of wood’s resistance to denting and wear. Measured by a scale known as Janka hardness used to test the hardness of wood.

According to studies held by the US agriculture department.

  • Janka hardness of oak wood is about 4900 Newtons, while red oak has a Janka hardness of 4700 Newtons, which is fairly higher than that of Walnut and Cherry. J

Rot Resistance: Oakwood is a good resistant to rot, getting fungus, and infection by insects due mainly to the natural odor it has.

Workability: Oakwood works well with both hand tools and machine tools and finishes well when carved. You can bend it and glue it very easily, making it an excellent material for furniture.

Odor: Oakwood has a peculiar smell, which is common to all species of Oak. The smell also helps the termites away, and the furniture of oak also smells quite nice naturally.

Water Resistance: Oakwoods are well resistant to water and ideal for making boats and outdoor furniture. Although in different species of oak the absorption properties might be different, for instance, the white oak resists water more effectively than red oak.

Maintenance and Cleaning: Keeping it clean is easy and it requires little maintenance for the furniture made of oak wood. The material is harder and denser, ensuring that scratches and dents don’t ruin the surface. And with finishing, the furniture can become more long-lasting.

Heavy: Oak is durable and harder due to its increased weight. The weight of oak per cubic foot ranges between 37 and 56 pounds, whereas pine’s weight ranges between 22 and 35 pounds.

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