Is Acacia wood good for furniture?

Acacia wood is strong, heavy, and extremely durable.

Many pieces of furniture, including sofas, tables, dining tables, benches, wardrobes, and even kitchen cabinets, are constructed from this material because of its durability and strength.

As well as the ability not to warp easily, furniture made of this type of wood can last for years without having to keep refinishing it. 

Although the wood is easy to be stained with linseed oil yet it has natural beautiful grains which is an added benefit of furniture of this wood.

If you are a DIY and thinking of contracting furniture in your workshop.

Then, for working with this wood. It’s easy for a beginner no special skills or preparation is necessary. 

In general, the acacia wood is strong and it makes good furniture that requires strength, like a table or a bench.

With attractive pattern and shiny brownish look make this wood to be used in artwork as well. 

This is How strong acacia wood furniture is.

Acacia wood makes one the strongest sets of both indoor and outdoor furniture.

While indoor furniture is given more priority than outdoor because of the fact the wood is exposed to high-temperature- it becomes brittle. 

Speaking of the force required to crush or break an item of acacia furniture. 

In view of an experiment of the Janka hardness scale, it’s found that acacia wood can hold up to 2300 pounds before it gets broken.

Which is more than 10 people sitting on a bench made of acacia wood.

Comparing strength with other hardwoods which are also known for strength.

Oak, for instance, has scored 1800 pounds before a breakup occurs. 

As a whole- if you are going to buy indoor furniture of acacia wood.

Then there’s no need to worry. You are making the right decision since the furniture can last for decades. Moreover, the wood natural posses sweet smells which is also a big plus, in addition to this the shiny look will enhance the overall beauty.

I would suggest not buying acacia furniture if you want to keep it outside on your patio. 

Like a set of chairs or a dinner table when expose to heat for a longer period of time.

It becomes brittle as well lose its color- turns into a greyish type that actually doesn’t look so nice to eyes.

Is acacia wood furniture waterproof?

As mentioned earlier it’s one of the dense kinds of wood you can find on the earth.

You might already know, denser wood means it resists water more effectively. With that said, yes, the furniture of acacia wood is popular for its ability to being waterproof.

Still, there are some experts who do not agree with this statement.

The reason for that, acacia wood has a lot of species and not all of them are good water resisters.

It’s sort of difficult to make the right choice without prior knowledge of the species: some regions only grow less dense species of acacia wood, such as the middle east.

Moreover, when comparing the water-resistant ability of acacia furniture and furniture made of other hardwoods like mahogany, walnut, oak, acacia is not something the best of all.

There are a lot of to say to choose the winner among them. 

Does acacia wood fade?

In reality, yes. The wood loses out its color and appealing look when exposed to sunlight for a longer amount of time.

Such as, if your furniture is kept outside in the sunlight for years.

It’s more likely will discolor after some time; if and only if you don’t stain it using paint or oil to prevent this from happening.

The general rule of thumb is: Acacia wood, even tough has nice color, but when talking about keeping it in the sunlight.

The wood needs to be prepared for the environment. For which, there are products available that you can choose from.

Many acacia furniture manufacturers already put a layer of quality oil like linseed oil on their set of furniture.

Before buying you should ask your manufacturer if the wood is already stained or you would have to do it.

Is acacia wood furniture heavy?

Because of its high dense property, acacia wood is one the heaviest wood on earth. It’s obvious that furniture made of this material will also be heavy.

With this in mind, the furniture is only suitable for you if you want something to be stored at one place. Because due to heavyweight it’s quite a lot difficult to move here and there.

Acacia wood strength vs Oak and teak wood.

Compared to oak wood (European white oak) Acacia is a lot stronger, about 23% harder than oak wood according to Janka hardness measurement scale the result is given as standard.

Acacia and teak both possess a high level of durability.

Despite their differences in hardness values, both types of wood are heavy and dense.

Acacia has a Janka hardness value that varies between 1,1100 and 4,270, whereas teak has a Janka hardness value of around 2,330 (Janka scale). 

Mind that, It is possible to find acacia that is softer, harder, or the same as teak. But that thing is very rare to find out is most regions.

Here are some basic facts about acacia wood.

The Acacia tree belongs to the hardwood family. Australia is the country where this plant is mostly grown but in other countries like Africa, Asia, and many more, acacia trees can be found.

The acacia tree actually has so many names people use in different regions, some popular ones are mimosa, wallet, thorn-tree.

The wood is found in over more than 1500 different species all over the world. In them, there is a trade-ff of price and quality.

Some acacia species are very dense which makes them heavy and pricey like  Green wattle, Deane’s wattle, and many are less dense not suitable for furniture making. Their price is cheap.

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