what oak trees produce acorns the fastest?

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This guide explains which species of oak grow acorns the fastest.

If you are thinking of growing some oak trees in your backyard to get some acorn fruit for free.

Then, choosing the species that produce acorns the fastest might be your first approach, also you will want to have that long shade covering sunlight. Worry not.

I’ve done some research and found some species of oak trees with a fast rate of producing oak. Read more: How fast do oak trees grow?

How long does it take for an oak tree to produce acorns?

In the production of acorns, many factors take place.

The important ones are the environment, sunlight, and the health of the soil. If either of the factors is not contributing, this will impact the production of acorns.

Oak trees grow faster in areas where the sunlight is not restricted. While the health of soil also plays a major role.

Anyways, under normal conditions. Oak trees typically produce acorns when they are between 20 and 50 years old. But there are fast-growing species with a fast pace of growing acorns. 

For example: According to this site

The fastest acorn producing oak tree I found are:

DOC- three to five years

Swamp white- 3-8 yes

Concordia- 3-5 yrs

Bimundor- 3-5yrs

Oak trees growth rate

These are some oak species that grow acorns faster.

Oak species Years Produce acorn
Northern red oak6-8 years
White oak7-10 years
Live oak7 years
Shumard Oaktree5-8 years
Willow oak6-9 years
Water oak4-6 years
Pin Oak7-8 years
Nuttall oak4-6 years
English oak trees5-9 years

Oakwood trees that produce acorn fast

Since there are many types of oak tree species.

Each has its own physical properties, and the time frame of growing the first acorn is also different.

I’ve tried to list the species that have a fast rate of producing acrons.

1. Northern red oak

With a growth rate of 12 inches per year, northern red oak species produce acorns in 7-10 years. Considering other oak species this is quite a rapid rate of growing acorns.

2. White oak

The white oak tree has a slow-growing rate, but it’s one the fastest oak species of producing acorns within a decade. The best thing about this species is, acorns grow every year.

3.Live oak

Live oak also produces acorn fruit faster, the tree species take somewhere 4-6 years for falling the first acorn fruit.

4. Shumard Oak Tree

Shumard is a rare oak species. To find it is not that easy in every region. The rate of producing acorns of Shumard oak trees is rapid and takes 6-8 years to grow an edible acorn.

5. Willow oak

The Willow oak is found in forests mostly. Being one of the rare species of the oak tree, it’s hard to find in the store. However, if you can manage to get the species. Best for you. As its rate of growing acorns is rapid, and almost every other year. Acorns fall. For animals like deer, the trees serve as a food plant.

6. Water oak

It’s probably one of the famous oak species known for its ability to grow faster. But do you know? Water oak also has a rapid rate of growing acorns and it does once a year, particularly in winters.

7. Pin Oak

Pin oak has a moderate rate of growing acorns. Takes 8 to 12 years to fully grow an acorn. However, it’s one of the few oak species which acorns have good taste.

8. Nuttall oak

Under optimal conditions, Nuttall oak species grow acorns within 10 years maximum. It’s not the fastest as some species in the list grow acorns in 6 years. It is, however, easier for you to get your hands on a Nuttall oak than other species that are harder to come by.

9. English oak trees

English oak trees also top the list when it comes to fast-acorn growing species. If you want to get the tree’s plant, you can easily get them at big box stores like Home Depot or lowes.

10. Southern live oak

A native of southern regions of the US, the southern oak. Within a decade of planting, it produces acorns. But many subspecies are attached to the name of southern oak. The fastest-growing one is a live oak, with acorns growing at a rate of 6 years.

What oak trees produce acorns every year?

Many oak species can produce acorns every year. But we will not get into all of them here since there are hundreds of species.

There is a heavy production every 3rd year for white oaks, which produces acorns every year

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