Oak tree uses

Uses of oak tree wood (The common ones)

Oakwood has varieties of uses, the blog post explains the most common uses of oak trees.

Oak trees are useful in more than one way. From woodworking to medical uses, oak trees have got some remarkable applications regardless of the industry you talk about.

Here are some of the most common uses of oak trees. Read more: How good is oak furniture?

With more than hundreds of uses. I’ve found out the most common ones.

They are as follows:

Common uses of oak wood and tree

  • Oak trees are very useful in woodworking. Oak timbers are sufficient for building furniture indoors and outdoors. 
  • Acorns (a type of fruit) are produced by oak trees and can be used to prepare foods and beverages, as well as to age wine. In forests, the acorn is nutritious for animals- a life factor.
  • Many Oak tree species produce oil, a substance used in medicine. There are several benefits of it, such as suppressing inflammation and soothing itchy skin, as well as treating diarrhea, the common cold, sore throats, bronchitis, and loss of appetite.

1. Oak is used in woodworking.

In the course of my career as a woodworker, oak wood has been used for almost everything you can think of. Besides being very durable, beautiful, dense, and affordable, wood has all the traits that make it an excellent material for woodworking. 

It can be made into furniture, cabinetry, flooring, or anything else that can be fabricated from “generally described as wood.”  Read more: is working with oak wood easy?

Throughout the world, oak wood is mainly used for flooring as well as furniture for outdoor and indoor, and also the furniture is applicable in areas like kitchen and bathroom flooring. Read more: How durable the oak wood is?

 I have oak veneer cabinets with solid rails and stiles in my kitchen. My floors are solid white oak. By looking at them after 15 years, I can say they are in good condition even though they are aged.

If you are planning on using oak for outdoor furniture, you should use the white variety since it has a more open grain than the red variety. But whatever type you choose, must apply a finishing coat.

Regardless of the finish, it needs to be protected. 

The outdoors is not an area where red oak is recommended. I use red oak for indoor furniture, plus point it’s cheaper than white.

2. Oak Tree industrial uses

A large variety of commercial products are made from northern red oaks, including fence posts, railroad ties, floors, and cabinets. They are not typically used for barrels because of their porous quality. Read more: Different types of oak wood

Whereas white oak is good for building applications like Firewood and barrels.

A great deal of furniture and architecture is made of English oaks, which are very fine and hardwoods. Read more: is oak hardwood or softwood?

Historically, they were used as shipbuilding materials.

3. Medicinal uses of Oaktree

North American Indians used red oak bark for treating wounds and ailments in the past, and still, many medicines are using the substances these days, mainly antibacterial medicines contain used oak bark. Due to their natural antibacterial ability. 

White oak besides is one of the reputable wood for furniture. Moreover, they are used for treating various illnesses, such as diarrhea and asthma, as well as antiseptics and washes.

The leaves and acorns of English oaks and the bark of the tree were historically used as remedies for diarrhea and other ailments in other regions. 

4. Other uses of Oak tree

One of the defining characteristics of oak trees is their tannin-rich bark. For thousands of years, oak bark has been used to tan leather. And still, this method is still being applied in industries.

Oak trees are also valued for their shade, due to their typically large canopies their shade is large, and due to their longer life span, they maintain the environment. Moreover, oak trees despite growing vertically also spread horizontally- providing shade like a rooftop.

Prior to the production of wheat, oak acorns were also used to make bread flour in England. 

Oaktree uses for Animals

Apart from this fact that we get many benefits from oak trees. The trees are valued for maintaining the life circle of many living creatures in this world.

The forest of oak trees is not without reason, some of the advantages of oak forest are as follows.

Insects and birds equally benefit from the abundance of insects that oaks provide. Animals like badgers and deer eat acorns from the trees. Meanwhile, trees are one of the sources for animals.  Additionally, oak trees’ flowers and buds attract caterpillars, while decaying oak leaves supply invertebrates with food. Read more: What oak tree grows acorns the fastest?

About oak

Hundreds of applications can be found in oak trees. There are many ways to use acorns and wood produced by oaks. Some foods and beverages are made from acorns, while wood is used for building and even in aging wine.

You probably have come across something made of oak over the course of your life. If not, then that’s probably you don’t know that oak is one the best wood for furniture. Read more: How fast do oak trees grow?

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