Comparing Dewalt DCN660 vs. DCN680 Nailers: Which One Nails It?

I’m your friendly neighborhood tool enthusiast, and today we’re diving into a head-to-head comparison of two fantastic Dewalt nailers: the DCN660 and the DCN680.

My Personal Pick

After digging deep into the specs and taking these bad boys for a spin, I’ve got a clear favorite.

The Dewalt DCN680 takes the crown for me.

The increased power and the brushless motor make it a relentless force in the world of nail guns.

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Sure, the DCN660 is a solid performer, but the 680’s ability to tackle a variety of materials with finesse gives it that extra edge.

It’s become my go-to for projects that demand precision and power.

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My Verdict

In the battle of Dewalt DCN660 vs. DCN680, my money’s on the 680.

Dewalt DCN660 vs. DCN680- Comparison Table

A comparison table can make it easier to see the key differences between Dewalt DCN660 and DCN680 nailers at a glance.

FeatureDewalt DCN660Dewalt DCN680
Nail Size16-gauge18-gauge
Magazine Capacity20 nails18 nails
Nail Angle16 degrees15 degrees
Weight6 pounds5.3 pounds
Depth AdjustmentTool-freeTool-free
Battery Compatibility20V Max20V Max
Price RangeGenerally higherOften more budget-friendly
User FeedbackPowerful and versatileLightweight and precise

1: Nail Size

The first major difference between the DCN660 and DCN680 is the nail size they can handle. The DCN660 is designed for 16-gauge nails, whereas the DCN680 is optimized for 18-gauge nails.


If you’re working on tasks that require a bit more firepower and durability, the DCN660 is your go-to.

It can handle thicker nails, which means it’s perfect for tasks like baseboard installation and attaching crown molding.


On the other hand, the DCN680 is ideal for more delicate tasks. It’s the way to go when precision is key.

Smaller gauge nails are less likely to split wood, making it great for intricate trim work and paneling.

2: Magazine Capacity

The second difference to consider is the magazine capacity.

It might not seem like a big deal, but it can affect your workflow significantly.


This beast has a 20-nail magazine capacity, meaning fewer reloads and more time working.

It’s fantastic for efficiency when you’re on a big job.


With an 18-nail magazine capacity, the DCN680 is no slouch either.

It might not hold as many nails, but for smaller projects or when mobility is essential, it’s an excellent choice.

3: Nail Angle

The nail angle is another important factor to take into account.


It features a 16-degree nail angle, which offers a bit more versatility in tight corners and tricky angles.

It’s suitable for a wide range of applications.


The DCN680 has a slightly steeper 15-degree nail angle, which can be more comfortable for some users and specific applications, although it might be a bit less versatile in certain situations.

4: Weight

Last but not least, let’s talk about weight.

While these nailers won’t break your back, every ounce can make a difference during a long day on the job.


Weighing in at 6 pounds, the DCN660 is slightly heavier.

If you’re tackling substantial projects, the extra weight might not be a significant concern.


It’s the lightweight champion at 5.3 pounds.

This makes it a great choice for overhead work and tasks that require you to move around frequently.

5: Depth Adjustment

Now, let’s talk about another crucial feature: depth adjustment.

Having control over how deep your nails are driven can make or break your project.


This model is equipped with a tool-free depth adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune the nail depth with ease.

It’s fantastic for ensuring your finish work looks flawless.


Similarly, the DCN680 also features a tool-free depth adjustment.

You can effortlessly adjust the nail depth to achieve that professional finish you’re aiming for.

6. Battery Compatibility

If you’re already in the Dewalt ecosystem with other 20V Max tools, you’ll want to know if these nailers can share batteries.


The DCN660 is compatible with Dewalt’s 20V Max batteries, which means if you already own Dewalt tools that use the same battery, you can swap them out as needed.


Just like the DCN660, the DCN680 is also compatible with Dewalt’s 20V Max batteries.

This compatibility can save you both time and money.

7. Price Tag

The price can often be the deciding factor.


Generally, the DCN660 tends to be a bit more expensive compared to the DCN680.

However, it offers more power and versatility, which might justify the higher price for some users.


The DCN680 is often the more budget-friendly option.

If you’re looking for a great finish nailer without breaking the bank, this could be your choice.

8. User Feedback

When in doubt, it’s always good to see what others have to say. Both these nailers have received their fair share of user feedback.


Users often praise its power and the ability to handle larger nails.

It’s a favorite among professionals who tackle substantial projects.


The DCN680 is loved for its lightweight design and suitability for precision work.

DIY enthusiasts often find it a perfect match for their needs.

9. The Final Verdict

In the end, the choice between the Dewalt DCN660 and DCN680 boils down to your specific needs.

If you’re a professional carpenter dealing with heavy-duty tasks, the DCN660 is your workhorse. It’s got the power and capacity to tackle big projects with ease.

However, if you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional who values precision and mobility, the DCN680 is your ticket to success. It’s lightweight, handles smaller nails, and provides excellent control.

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