Best jigsaw blade for cutting plexiglass

When cutting plexiglass with a jigsaw, it’s important to use the right blade to prevent the material from cracking or chipping.

Here are some tips on choosing the best jigsaw blade for cutting plexiglass:

Look for a blade with a fine tooth count: A blade with a fine tooth count (between 10 and 20 teeth per inch) will make a smoother cut in plexiglass than a blade with a lower tooth count. The finer teeth reduce the chance of chipping or cracking the material.

Consider using a blade with downward-facing teeth: Some jigsaw blades have teeth that face downward, which can help to prevent chipping or cracking in plexiglass. These blades are sometimes referred to as “reverse-tooth” or “reverse-pitch” blades.

Use a blade designed for cutting plastic: Some jigsaw blades are specifically designed for cutting plastic, including plexiglass. These blades typically have a fine tooth count and are made from materials that are less likely to generate heat and cause the plastic to melt or deform.

Choose a blade with a smooth edge: Blades with a smooth or polished edge are less likely to catch or snag on the material, which can reduce the risk of chipping or cracking in plexiglass.

Best jigsaw blades for cutting plexiglass

Best jigsaw blades for cutting plexiglass

Bought these to cut some 3/8 plexi glass. Had no issues cutting through the plexi with minimal chipping.

Item Dimensions LxWxH0.28 x 2.15 x 6.75 inches
Number of Teeth13
Item Weight0.04 Pounds
Compatible MaterialMetal
Number Of Pieces3

Before getting this I tried the metal blade method for the plexiglass and it got too hot and left a hot mess. Then I decided to get this plexiglass blade with this specific edge and I should have done so from the start! This made clean cuts and did not heat up! Have I done this I wouldn’t have damage my plexiglass 🙁 I would totally recommend!!! Don’t try to save a few dollars by using the metal blade, just get this and you’ll have a better and effortless time!! This was from my experience using the master craft motor hand saw on a giant piece of plexiglass.

I bought to cut through 3/4” pine with a 1/8” plexiglass over it and it cut through both like butter!!

Best jigsaw blades for cutting plexiglass
  • Cutting capacities: Plexiglas 5/64- to 3/4-inch; Aluminum 5/64- to 3/8-inch.
  • Application: Metal
  • Working Length: 4 inches
  • Teeth Per Inch: 14
  • Teeth style: Ground
  • Setting Taper: Ground Backing
  • Sales Pack Quantity 5
  • Caution: If cutting metal, use cutting oil, turpentine or a mixture of turpentine and petroleum oil to cool the blade.

This is definitely, by far, the best choice for cutting plastic, Acrylic, or Plexiglass.

I bought the Bosch T101A Jig Saw Blades, for use with Custom Car Audio builds whenever I need to cut a complex pattern out of plexiglass. Works like a charm!! Could not find a better finish cutting jigsaw blade.

cutting plexiglass with jigsaw

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