Can I use 8 dado blades on 10 table saws?

If you are thinking about whether or not you should use an 8-inch dado blade on a 10-inch table saw. Then the answer is very simple.

Yes, you can use it.

It all comes down to the arbor hole your table saw has if the arbor holes of your table saw and the dado blades are of the same diameter.

Then you can install an 8-inch dado blade that will give you the deeper cuts of 1 ½ inch deep, this level of deepness is usually get from a 10-inch dado blade.

Most people seem worried about choosing the right size of dado blades, mainly when it comes to performing deep dado cuts.

And I noticed one thing that is common among many people who face problems in installing an 8-inch blade, which is either their table saw does not accept dado blades or in some cases they don’t check the arbor’s diameter carefully.

Other than this there is nothing to worry about.

If you want to know more about the benefits of an 8-inch dado blade, read on to explore more.

Why should use 8 dado blades on 10 table saws?

From the many different sizes in dado blades, 4-inches, 6-inches, 8-inches, 10-inches, the 8-inch is the most common that you will see in every carpenter’s toolbox. This is not without reason.

There are some advantages of using an 8-inch dado blade over a 10-inch.

First of all, you will spend less on small-sized dado blades compared to large-sized ones.

Aside from the pricing talk, the second biggest advantage with an an-inch dado blade is that majority of table saws have sufficient power to rotate it, small in size also means they are less heavier than larger ones.

With that said, a table saw will have to put more power on running a-10 inch dado blade to get 1 ½ deep cuts.

Whereas the same sized cuts you would easily get from an 8-inch dado blade.

 If you replace a 8-inch dado blade with your 10-inch table saw blades while the motor power is the same.

At that moment, there is a high probability you would end up heating your table saw badly due to too much power consumption.

Can I Install an 8-inch dado blade on a 10-inch table saw?

Stacks of dadoes consist of two outer blades, these blades have a number of teeth and are usually inscribed on one side.

Whenever I have installed a Dado stack, I have placed the writing side toward the outside.

Install the outside blades of your Dado Stack according to the instructions.

A chipper blade has between 2 and 4 teeth and is available in different widths depending on the brand.

If you install these blades, you will be able to adjust the width of the cut yourself.

There are little rings called spacers that you can use to adjust the width of your cut.

It is usually expected that a dado stack will feature spacers of various widths.

Following the steps to install dado blades.

Step.1 Removing saw Guard.

Begin with removing off the saw guard, but before that make you unplug your table saw; safety comes first.

Step. 2 Remove Screw

Remove screw

Now the remove the washer to untighten your current blades.

Keep your hand below while removing that off so that it would not drop inside the machine that could damage internal parts.

Step. 3 Remove Blade Guard

Remove blade guard

Depending upon your table saw brand if you see this type of elbow that is for securing the blade you might need to remove it also. 

Step.4 Read instructions

Read instructions on Thickness

Now before you install the dado blade, there would be some instructions on the thickness and how to use the shippers and spaces.

Read it carefully so you could end getting the desired thick-cut.

Step. 5 Install Dado Blade

First, place the 8-inch blade and then add shipper next to.

You can add more than one shipper depending you think you want to cut. Also, use spacers for accuracy.

Step.6 Cover the blade

In the last step, you might not able to cover the blade after installing them.

It could be due to the dado blade’s thickness, at this point, you will need to buy that steel cover with a wider gap.

Check the arbor size of an 8-inch blade

Always pay some extra attention to the arbor hole size before making your purchase.

A little inaccurate measurement can result in a loss.

Secondly, don’t save your money on buying a cheaper one since they are poorly manufactured and can break apart when exposing to high power.

The arbor hole size of your saw must be included in the stacked dado blade set you purchase.

In order to fit the blade on a table saw or radial arm saw, the saw is equipped with a 5/8-inch arbor. 

The most common exception is when a saw or blade set lacks an arbor hole or has an arbor hole smaller than 5/8 inches.

It is simply impossible to balance a blade properly if the arbor hole is too large.

The opposite is also true:

if you find that your blade set’s arbor hole is too small, do not drill out the arbor hole as you may not only damage the balance of the blade but also alter its temper.

Check the Arbor Length of the blade

Not just the arbor’s diameter size you should also look for the right length.

The more the length the more you can install washers that simply means, the dado blades will remain to tighten. 

Many people avoid installing washers at times when they want to add more dado blades and shippers, due to the short arbor’s length they trade the space with more shippers.

That’s not recommended at all, no matter how safe and tightly the blades hold there, a washer is the most important thing to add.

In general, there is a rule of thumb here: the blade must fit on with the washer (never omit the washer), and the nut-so the arbor is at least a little bit longer than the nut. Hence, the nut needs to be fully threaded onto the arbor plus a bit more. The nut can come loose if the arbor is not threaded completely onto the nut.

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