Are Dado Blades Dangerous

8 Dangers of Using Dado Blades + (11 Helpful Tips!)

In this blog post, we will be discussing the dangers of using dado blades.

We’ll go over what a dado blade is and how they are used in woodworking. Then, we’ll get into the dangers of using these tools improperly.

Finally, we will conclude with some safety tips that you should follow to ensure your safety while working with these dangerous tools!

What are Dado Blades?

Dado blades are a type of circular saw blade that has been designed specifically for cutting dados.

A dado is a rectangular groove in a piece of wood that is used to receive another piece of wood, typically a panel or a shelf.

Dado blades have multiple teeth and are much wider than standard circular saw blades. This allows them to cut a wider groove in the wood than standard blades can.

How are Dado Blades Used?

Dado blades are most commonly used in woodworking when making cabinets, shelves, and other furniture.

They are also commonly used in joinery, which is the process of connecting two pieces of wood together with glue and other fasteners.

When used in woodworking, dado blades are mounted on a table saw, or radial arm saw to make the cuts.

Are Dado Blades Dangerous?

Dado blades are extremely dangerous, but like any other tool, if used improperly, they can prove to be very hazardous. Because dado blades are so wide, if they are not used properly, they can cause serious injury. The most common injury caused by dado blades is the loss of a finger.

Dangers of Using Dado Blades

  • Kickback
  • Injury to fingers or hands
  • Chipping
  • Burns
  • Cuts to body
  • Pinching between the blade and saw table
  • Dust inhalation
  • Fire hazard


Kickback is the number one danger when using dado blades.

This occurs when the spinning blade catches on something while it is cutting, causing it to lift up towards you.

It can also happen if your hand slips off of the saw’s handle (or de-fences) and touches one of the moving blades.

Injury to fingers or hands:

Dado blades can easily cause injury to your fingers or hands if you are not careful.

Make sure to always use the guard and never reach over the blade to clear any debris. Also, make sure that your hands are well away from the blade when starting the saw.


When the blade teeth hit the end of the cut, they can chip off small pieces of wood that can cause injury.


The blades can get very hot when they are cutting, and if they come into contact with your skin, you could end up with a serious burn.

Cuts to the body:

Dado blades can also cause cuts to your body if you are not careful.

Make sure that you always wear a good pair of gloves and thick clothing when working with these blades.

Also, make sure to keep your hair well away from the blade since long hair can easily get pulled into the cutting area.

Pinching between the blade and saw table:

When making narrow cuts with the blade, make sure to keep both hands well away from the saw table.

When making deep cuts, you can pinch your fingers between the spinning blade and table if they are not careful.

Dust inhalation:

When using dado blades for long periods of time in enclosed spaces, dust can build up in your respiratory system, causing serious health problems.

Make sure to always use a dust mask and/or respirator when working with these blades.

Fire hazard:

Dado blades can also be a fire hazard if not used properly.

Make sure to always keep the area well-ventilated when using these blades and never leave the saw running unattended.

Safety Tips for Using Dado Blades:

Below are a few safety tips that you should follow when using dado blades.

1. Always use the guard on the blade.

2. Make sure that your hands and fingers are well away from the blade when starting the saw.

3. Keep your hair well away from the blade.

4. Always use a good pair of gloves and thick clothing when working with dado blades.

5. Make sure to keep your other hand well clear of the blade when making narrow cuts.

6. Make sure that you are using proper footing at all times while using dado blades. Always make sure that both feet are firmly planted on the ground before starting the saw.

7. Ensure that your work area is well-ventilated when using dado blades for prolonged periods of time.

8. Always unplug the blade if you are changing the size or width of the cut.

9. Never use a dado blade without using a guard since its teeth can easily bite into the wood and cause kickback.

10. Make sure to keep the area around the saw clear of debris and other obstructions.

11. Double check that you have removed all clamps and other items from the dado blade before starting the saw.

By following these simple safety tips, you can help reduce the risk of injury when using dado blades.

Accessories for Dado Blades:

There are a few accessories that you can purchase to help make using dado blades a bit safer.

1. Blade guard – This is a must-have for any dado blade set and helps keep your fingers well away from the blade.

2. Splitter – A splitter is a thin metal plate that attaches to your saw. This helps keep the wood firmly against the table and prevents it from lifting up towards you at the last moment.

3. Push stick – A push stick is a flat piece of sturdy wood used to push the wood through the blade while cutting. It also helps keep your fingers well away from moving parts on the saw.

4. Push pad – A push pad is a rubber disc that sticks to the top of your saw table on one side. It helps keep the wood steady while pushing it through the blade on the other side.

5. Respirator – A respirator can help you prevent harmful dust particles in your respiratory system when working with these blades for extended periods of time.

By using these accessories, you can help keep yourself safe while using dado blades.

Remember to always use caution when working with these blades and never take unnecessary risks.

With a little bit of practice, you can safely use a dado blade to make beautiful woodworking projects.

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