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Advantages and disadvantages of oak wood

So what are some of the advantages and disadvantages you will be getting with Oakwood? Read on the find out.

To start with, if you are buying your home furniture either for outdoor or indoor uses.

Mind that the oakwood is one of the best hardwood you can buy while spending less money.

Oakwood furniture is in demand for years, it is among the highest quality, durable, and has beautiful grain patterns due to its natural appealing color and look.

Let’s talk about the advantages of oak wood now so you will be ensured that your investment is safe and will last for years.

Advantages and disadvantages of oak wood

Let’s talk about the advantages of oak wood now so you will be ensured that your investment is safe and will last for years.

Advantages of Oak

Oak is Durable: The overall durability of oak furniture is amazing, you can be assured and worry-free for years to come.

Only a few can match with it in terms of durability like cherry or walnut, both of which are expensive.

Many people consider oak furniture an investment because oak is water-resistant, which means it won’t warp, scratch, dent, or otherwise deteriorate over time.

Oakwood resists water: Oak is a hardwood, so like other hardwood, it resists water effectively than softwoods and man-made woods.

It’s because of the natural structure of the oakwood trees, the pores are enclosed and leave in space between.

Meaning that it doesn’t allow water to easily penetrate the surface, preventing it from hazards of water like warping, getting fungi, and expanding.

Oak is hard, resist scratches and dents: Oak is one of the heavy wood in the world.

The surface is hard as dense woods have a pretty solid surface that does not easily get scratches or dents that can happen accidentally.

Having kids in the house is no problem if you have oak wood furniture. They would not be able to damage it. Moreover, with an extra layer of finishing oil the oak wood can be even protective.

Oak can easily be shaped into designs: One of the advantages of oak wood is that it can be shaped into any bespoke design.

So if you want to build furniture that does not just only last long but also looks appealing, oak is a very nice choice for you in this regard.

Pleasant Odor: The fume that oak naturally has is so pleasant, smells fresh, and spreads positive vibes in a place.

The tannic content is the reason behind that pleasant smell.

Resistant to termites: The tannin content of oak wood has also kept the termites stay away, kill insects, and increase the life span of furniture made out of it.

So, if you live somewhere where the bugs are harming your furniture, such as the case with outdoor furniture where insects cause terrible problems.

Then look no further than oak, it is a nice decision to consider to naturally protect your investment.

Beautiful grains: Many people like the look of oak wood, with beautiful patterns of grains, and the darker reddish or sometimes brownish color looks very appealing to the eyes.

With that being said, oak furniture can add warmth to any dull space.

Cost-effective: Besides the fact every hardwood is expensive, but looking at the prices of hardwoods like cherry, maple, walnut, oak wood is one the less expensive wood you can buy. So, therefore, it’s sometimes known as the cheapest hardwood. 

Suitable for outdoor furniture: People often prefer oak wood for their patios.

As there are only a few options of wood available of which furniture can last longer in open areas, and can suffer weather.

But, oak has the ability to do that, it can withstand rough weather and protect against the effects of humidity.

However, using a finishing coat of linseed oil can even enhance the level of protection when it comes to protection against humidity.

Suitable for many finishes: One of the advantages of oak wood is that it homes almost every finish.

Regardless of oil-based such as linseed oil or any priming coat.

You can easily apply it to the furniture to the extent of the protection as well as enhance the overall look.

Disadvantages of Oak

It’s heavy: Aside from the fact that oak is heavy, but this can be problematic sometimes.

Mainly when moving the furniture here or there, due to heavyweight the chances of getting cracks are high.

Expensive: You will find oak furniture is expensive than others in the market.

So people looking for a cheaper option might not appreciate the cost, as it can be twice as much as buying furniture of man-made wood.

Prone to get cracked: Oakwood can get cracks under two conditions: Either you keep it outdoor for years in the burning sunlight, without any finishing coats or it can break if dropped or get hit by any solid material as being heavy has cons too.

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