Can you eat wood? why it’s toxic for humans?

can you eat wood

You might think for a moment “can we eat woods?” when you look at trees in gardens or when walking by a park.

Or sometimes you might be hungry and you look at a tree near you and you feel what if you could eat a whole tree? Just kidding! 

can people eat wood?

You might don’t know that the food we eat regularly contains some amount of wood.

  • If you look at the ingredients the word “cellulose” refers to woods. So in fact, we eat some amount of wood.
  • The roast beasts at Arby’s and most other fast food joints use either cellulose or cellulose derivatives as much as 3.5% (by weight). 
  • A lot of Wendy’s wood products contain cellulose, they put in more amounts.

Humans body affects:

  • Tiny wood particles can probably go unnoticed by our digestive system if eaten in small quantities for quite some time. 
  • Our body is going to have a hard time digesting chunks of wood small enough to get down our esophagus but big enough to get past our pyloric sphincter. 
  • As whatever we eat needs to go through the body part of the pyloric sphincter, which is the junction between our stomach and intestine. It’s like a filter for our digestive system.Wood and other food that can’t be digested or expelled from the body will cause great pain to those who consume them consistently. 
  • Any object exceeding the Pyloric sphincter at the moment would clearly not be tolerated by the human body and might cause side effects.

if someone is feeling bad after eating such kinds of foods regularly. At that moment the patient needs to consult a doctor to remove that wood dust that is stuck in the body. The procedure usually involves an endoscopic approach. It may be necessary to perform surgery in certain circumstances.

Are woods toxic for us?

Although the effects of toxic wood are species-specific, these effects are not universal. 

But our human body can not tolerate too much amount of wood- in any form.

The following are the side effects.

  • When you chew it, some amount of its dust gets into the body and reacts with organs, and starts causing some medical problems. 
  • Wood absorption in the human body can lead to severe headaches, loss of weight, giddiness, cramps, breathlessness, and irregular heartbeats when you sleep. 

  • When you eat the wood in some form wood then it starts adding dust to your body. This can be problematic once it turns into a myriad and isn’t expelled out of a body.
  • How does it taste like?

    Woods don’t have a specific taste.

    • Different species have different tastes like oak wood tastes like eating something like overcooked bread. Slightly sour and juicy. Whereas woods like pinewood taste like eating juicy sour chewing. 

    So to say, directly eating wood does not taste good. 

    • Companies that use wood in their foods give an additional flavor to be eaten.

    Anyways, one cannot find out if the food contains wood unless it’s written on the box.

    Verdict: Don’t eat wood. It’s not good for health.

    It’s been years since humans are living in this world, using different resources to fulfill their needs and demands.

    Researchers are always trying to use as many waste materials as possible. 

    • Cellulose is the ingredient that is found in every type of wood, it’s like most of the wood’s part contains this material. And for a human body, it’s not needed for us to live.
    • While woods also have materials like glucose, a vital carbohydrate, it can’t be digested by our digestive systems, so we aren’t normally able to eat it.

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