is plywood good for kitchen cabinets

Is plywood good for kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets made of plywood are of good quality. Here’s what you need to know if you will use plywood material in your kitchen cabinets.

Like every material, plywood ranges from high quality to lowest quality. Higher-grade plywoods have more strength than natural wood. Depending upon the cost of plywood, you can either buy high-quality plywood like A grade. D grade is the lowest quality in plywoods. The grading system ranges from A to D. A is the best, and D is the lowest grade.

Good plywood for kitchen cabinets means that they should be of high quality. Typically hardwood plywood for cabinets is the best, also known as decorative plywood because its external surface is covered with natural wood species such as maple, birch, oak, or walnut. Giving these plywoods a natural wood appearance. The upper surface is called wood veneers, and plywood won’t look good without them unless they are painted.

Why is plywood a good material for cabinets?

  1. Plywood is a sustainable option when it comes to kitchen cabinets.
  2. Softwood is also a good option, but plywood provides more strength and durability. Read more pinewood vs plywood.
  3. Plywood comes in different options for making kitchen cabinets. Birch is probably the most popular choice for choosing plywood when it comes to kitchen cabinets.
  4. Plywood is eco-friendly and sustainable. The manufacturing process for plywood uses minimal chemicals and adhesives.
  5. Plywood is seriously a strong material. You can achieve a strong finish by using Birch plywood, and the wood is resistant to rot and will last for a long time.
  6. Compared to alternatives like oak wood, it’s still more affordable than other options.
  7. Even though MDF and chipboard are cheaper than plywood, it does not have the same durability. 
  8. For a minimalist, stylistic approach to your kitchen, plywood is an excellent choice. This modern, simple look will impress your guests.
  9. The veneers of plywood are glued crosswise. This increases durability and strength.

Advantages of using plywood in kitchen cabinets.

There are many advantages to using plywood as a cabinet material.

  • Plywood can resist resists moisture– Kitchens are moisturized areas in a house. Kitchen furniture should be made from moisture-resistant materials. And plywood resists moisture better than solid woods, particle wood, and chipboard.
  • Plywood can be flexible to shape them into curvature. Complex designs in cabinets is possible due to this property.
  • Plywood kitchen cabinets are easy to install. Sheets are lightweight and have perfectly uniform dimensions and edges. Sheets can be cut with a circular saw, jigsaw, table saw, or handsaw.
  • Plywood stands up well to stress and movement over time. This makes it ideal for high-use kitchens and for cabinets you’ll want to maintain for a long time. The durability of plywood is better compared to chipboard or particle board.  
  • A plywood cabinet side, back, shelf, and drawer bottom is without a doubt “the perfect material”.
  • Plywood has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all cabinet materials due to its unique cross-grain structure. Both its strength and elasticity make it a very versatile material.
  • The simplicity of plywood makes it easy to repair and replace. 
  • Compared to solid wood, Plywood is less expensive but more durable. However, plywood costs more than particleboard and laminate, which are lower-end materials.

Disadvantages of using plywood in kitchen cabinets.

Despite its many benefits, plywood also has some disadvantages that should also be considered.

  • For each area of the cabinet, you should use the appropriate thickness of the material. That’s something difficult for beginners so you need to learn more about choosing the best plywood for cabinets. Short guidance here: Cabinet backs and drawer bottoms are often made from thinner plywood, while drawer sides and bottoms are typically made from thicker plywood.
  • You will have to purchase A-grade cabinet Plywood. In lower grades, there may be gaps or holes in the composite panels, making it difficult to install plywood cabinets.

What types of plywood are good for cabinets? 

Bamboo plywood

Because of its high durability, plywood made from birch is ideal for making furniture or cabinets. It is important to keep in mind that birch wood is naturally porous, so stains from liquids can easily penetrate the wood. 

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Oak plywood

Cabinets and furniture are often made from oak plywood. Oak is known for its density and hardness, as well as for its beautiful grain patterns and contrasts. 

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Maple plywood

Maple is a versatile wood and makes great kitchen cabinets because of its even surface and high resistance to stains and damage. This type of wood is very sensitive to sun exposure and you should avoid having it in direct sunlight

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Poplar plywood

Poplar plywood should be your last option for making kitchen cabinets. The reason is that the material lacks stability, easily scratches and dents. However, it’s still used for kitchen cabinets. Here is what you should know about using poplar plywood in the kitchen.

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