Reasons your Table Saw is not Cutting Straight and how you could Fix It

Table Saw is not Cutting Straight and how you could Fix It

 When not keen enough or observant, you may go for days or even weeks without realizing that your table saw is not making perfectly straight cuts. You could end up noticing it when dealing with projects that require a high level of precision and one that needs a straight cut.

If you are not seasoned in the woodworking industry it may be tricky to understand why your table saw is behaving this way.

Some of the reasons why your table saw may not be cutting straight may include the use of poor form, the blade may not be securely tightened, use of warped saw blade, and also if the saw blade is not square to the tabletop.

Another reason is due to the use of a rip fence that is not flawlessly parallel to the blade.

This piece will give much-needed insights on some of the reasons why your table saw is not making straight cuts and how to fix it:

Use of Poor Form

One of the main reasons your table saw is not making straight cuts could be due to the poor pushing of the workpiece towards the direction of the workpiece. Poor pushing of the workpiece is not only hazardous as you could end up injuring yourself in the process but it will also lead to erroneous and poor quality cuts.

The workpiece should straight lie on top of your table saw so that it may be easy for you to use it to make straight cuts. You must remember to use the push stick when pushing the pieces of wood towards the direction of the saw blade. Otherwise, you could end up severely injuring yourself.

You should keep the piece of wood flushed up against the fence side. You must ensure the wood is pressed against the fence of your table saw as you push it through the blade.

To make more precise cuts with your table saw, cut reasonable sizes of wood, take your time and be keen while cutting.

Misalignment of your Table Saw Blade

To get achieve straight cuts, you should ensure that the blade of your table saw is aligned properly. You should ensure that your miter slot is parallel to both the fence and the blade.

It is vital to stay in line. Additionally, you will require a framing square to square up your blade.

You could use accurate markings and counter-check it with the cuts made by your table saw. If they are not correct then this could mean that the blade of your table saw is properly aligned and thus you should get it fixed.

The table saw blade should be aligned in a straight position and at a position of 90 degrees. It is possible to adjust your table saw so that the blade tilts. In most instances, if you have not loosened the handle on the tilting apparatus, it may tend to move slightly or loosen up especially if the saw is old.

Due to continuous use of your table saw some of its parts including the blade may malfunction or break down thus you must do regular maintenance to your power tool. This will help to keep your machine in shape, productive and durable.

Warped Blade

Woodworkers usually work with a wide array of wood types; some are soft while others are hard. Some of these types of woods could cause damage to the blade of your table saw causing it to warp. When this happens, the best solution is to get it replaced with a new one.

Below are some of the reasons why your table saw blade may warp

  • Due to cutting relatively hard pieces of wood, the blade of your table saw may end up having a bent edge. Additionally, your saw may lose its teeth, especially you are using an improper blade.
  • It is important to ensure that the wood that you are cutting is laid flat on the table and not pressed against its fence. If you carelessly ram the wood too hard you end up warping it. Extra care is needed is need when using a table saw so that you may not warp its blade.

Loose Nut Holding your Blade

The blade of a table saw is firmly held in place by a nut. It could be too tight, too loose, or just right. The blade of your table saw may stop spinning and also cutting in instances where the nut is over-tightened.

This is a common situation where the saw stops cutting while you are in the process of cutting. However, it is important to note that a tightened nut is not usually the main cause of uneven cuts.

A trembling edge is caused by a loosened nut. A shaky and wobbly blade will mean that won’t be able to make accurate and straight cuts using your table saw.

With time and through constant use, the nut holding the blade of your table saw may end up loosening up. This is a common scenario and thus regular maintenance is vital.

To ensure that the nut holding the blade of your table saw does not loosen up easily, you should ensure that your table saw remains unplugged. Additionally, you should also ensure that you do not over-tighten it up as it may end malfunctioning easily.

Misaligned Table Saw Fence

Another reason why your table saw may not be making straight cuts may be due to the misalignment of the fence. Misalignment of the fence will not only lead to uneven cuts also could be hazardous as it could lead to table saw kickback.

To prevent instances of kickback and chances of you injuring yourself, you should correctly align the fence of your table saw. In the process, you will also be able to make straight and accurate cuts.

Bottom Line

Incorrect and use of a faulty table saw is the reason why you may not be able to make precise and accurate cuts. Regular maintenance of your power tool is vital in ensuring that it’s in good shape and that it gives you service for a long. Armed with the above guidelines you will be in a better position to fix it when it does not make straight cuts.


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